I'm always on the lookout for subtle vegan t shirts, I don't really want one that just says "vegan" on it but I do love the ones with puns or other really pretty artwork on them, so when I found this t shirt from Plant Faced I knew I had to have it. I'm not usually one for streetwear, or pink, but c'mon, there's a pig in a martini glass, and the sleeves have little pig faces on them, and they're ethically made!
 Hat - Wild Clothing
Leggings - Charity Shop
Boots - Second Hand

Also I googled "babes not bacon" before making this post, excepting to find pictures from Plant Faced's website and it was all girls in bacon bras and girls wearing bikinis eating burgers, plus then a few girls who were posing boar and pigs they'd killed? The world is a strange place, though those people would probably find me strange.

Speaking of vegan bacon, I finally found soya free vegan bacon! Well bacon bits, by The Vegeterian Butcher and they're extremely good, perfect for when I've got a hangover, and they go amazingly with the avocado and vegan mayo pasta I make. I need to go buy more

And though I said above that street-wear isn't generally my thing, I am liking it more now I own some, you can look stylish and be comfortable as heck. Perfect for the days I want to look slightly put together when I'm really not at all. And there are actually quite a few vegan street wear brands out there, it seems very niche but I might even make a whole post on ethical vegan street wear brands. I mean hey if I'm into it there must be other people, right?

Talking of content I have a lot of stuff planned for 2018 already, lots of exciting posts including talking about waste in the ocean, ethical underwear, and ethical period products (plus more I'm sure). And I've got one or two other exciting bits of writing I can't wait to tell you about, but I can't yet. If there's anything else you'd love for me to talk about then let me know. Happy New Year!