Black Friday definitely isn't known as the most ethical holiday, in fact it's probably the least ethical holiday and is  the epitome of commercialism. With companies and brands using it as an excuse to sell sell sell, and that's about it.  You see videos of people fighting each other for TVs, and it's really a holiday for big (usually unethical) brands to shift as much stock as possible. Pushing sweatshops and unethical factories to make more and more products even cheaper, which ultimately means a worse quality of life for those actually making the products.

Also, as a person who shops mainly second hand, or just buys things when they're needed ,Black Friday hasn't really appealed to me ever (unless it's a vintage store having a Black Friday sale in which case helloo). That is until I got an email in my inbox talking about Ethical Market's black Friday, and that is for two exciting reasons.

Oh and to clarify, this post isn't sponsored, I was asked if I could let my readers know about this sale and I said heck yeah!

But back to reasons I love this. Firstly because I love Ethical Market, and secondly because 100%, yep you heard that right 100% of profits made on Black Friday will be donated to Starlight Children's foundation. A foundation offering care and support to sick children and their families currently supporting over 500,000 children a year.

Starlight Children's Foundation have been running for 30 years helping terminally ill children and teenagers to get the best from the end of their lives by running wish granting programmes, hospital entertainment. They have a huge range of ambassadors ranging from Bill Nighy and Rupert Grint, to Keira Knightley and Nadiya Hussain, but they still rely on donations to keep them making wishes.

 I think I might actually end up buying a fair few of my Christmas presents on Friday, and now I can buy them knowing that not only am I shopping ethically but also the money I'm spending is going to charity, pretty awesome. Ethical Market are an ethical business, and so on Black Friday want to do something good and give back to the world which I think is amazing.

Now this is the first I've heard of any company doing something like this for black Friday, hence why I felt the need to write a blog post about it, but I'd love to know if you guys know of any companies doing something similar! Whether that's ethical brands and small businesses having a sale for black Friday or other brands giving their Black Friday profits to charity! I'll add a list below of small businesses and businesses giving back this Black Friday:

  • Evergreen - A green insurance company donating to nature charity partners fr every quote enquiry received
  • Cambio Market- Have partnered with Toronto Rape Crisis Centre and Multicultural Women Against Rape, donating 20% of every sale from Fridaty24th until the end of Tuesday 28th.

And if you're looking for a list of bigger ethical brands having Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales then I recommend checking out Style Wise's post.

So enjoy your Black Friday this week, whether that's as someone who doesn't even notice it's a different day or as someone who loves to shop a bargain.

Also, yes I've been away and really bad at blogging since I started uni again, work is hectic, life is hectic, and my mental health isn't very good right not but I'm working on it! And I definitely still love this space, in the mean time if you want to read more of my stuff you can read about me (a soya-free vegan) trying to also go pal-oil free for a week over on Selva Beat.