It's fair to say settling back into uni hasn't been the easiest transition. I love my new room and my new house as a whole is pretty ace, but my mental health had taken a bit of a toll and was being influenced by hormones and it's safe to say that during my first proper week back at lectures I was a big emotional mess.

And what better way to get me out of an emotional pit than a nice long weekend full of wonderful people and things, and that's exactly what I got. Last weekend was the perfect mix between packed full of stuff and really relaxed that I was able to unwind and make my way into this week feeling a heck of a lot more sane to say the least.
First up was goose fair, which fan for the entirety of the weekend. I can see it from my back garden and could've quite easily ended up here every day but just Thursday night was fine. A giant fair is always a good time. Even when there's the creepiest Thomas the tank engine face I have ever seen. Though my favourite part was this one stall run by this couple that must've been in their late seventies to eighties who's prizes were all super old toys, including zippy from rainbow, seeing them just brought me so much joy.  Then it was back to mine to play card games by candle light until 1am, sometimes not having a tv or a lamp in your house really does end up being a good thing.

The next day after goose fair it was time for Dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs of China exhibition is one that I'd been saying I'd go to since the start of summer, yep a good four and a half months ago, but finally we made it and it was amazing. Wollaton Hall with the leaves turning brown and crisp autumnal air is just magical, and then you get to walk around inside the house reading about dinosaurs and looking at stuffed animals, double magical (yep I'm a vegan who loves taxidermy, it's a thing). There was a big big focus on feathers in this exhibition and if you're in Notts and like dinosaurs it's definitely well worth checking out!

Oh and then there were the deer, I sadly didn't get any good enough pictures of their cute little butts or of the stag I was watching roll around in the mud but they were there and I was in love with them.

 "hey man, I think you need to calm down"
Jay n her jays

And finally, if as if the weekend couldn't get any better I was invited to Mecca Bingo's Saturday night Big Bingo Bash! It's the first event I've actually been invited to and been able to attend as a blogger so it was super exciting for me, I took a few friends and had one of the most surreal nights of my life. One of my friend's kept turning round to me and going "I feel like I'm on Satruday night takeaway", and though I feel like a lot of the humour was less for students and more for those slightly older than myself I did have a pretty good night. The games were pretty creative and I think if you''re looking for something a bit different to do of a Saturday night it's definitely worth a shot. The night was accompanied by a live band, dancers, and a lot of confetti. Also their onion rings were vegan and that always means a happy Izzy. I do wish I'd won some money or a holiday ( I mean don't we all) but Jay won a mug so that's something, and we took home some of the giant bingo balloons they used in the first game, so we didn't go home empty handed. My balloon is currently sitting at the end of my bed having been graffiti'd by bingo pens in the uber home. A success for my first event going as a blogger I think! And my friends had fun so that makes me happy.

 Then on Sunday I slept, I mean I was allowed that after a busy weekend having fun, I also made sushi for the first time which turned out surprisingly well.

And that's a random little weekend roundup, not commonplace on this blog but something I thought was worth a share seeing as I had a lot of photos from the weekend I wanted to put out there. I definitely want to go back to Wollaton park, especially if it snows (like can you imagine a snowball fight in front of that magical place with the deer around you?!). And I'm ready for goose fair to be back for bonfire night! Plus I'd probably give another bingo bash a go, but probably with some pre drinks thrown in to really get in the spirit for bingo (drink responsibly though!).

But now I'm off to pack and sleep because this weekend is hopefully another wonderful one as I'm off to London to be reunited with one of my best friends and eat my weight in vegan food so until next time!