It's that time of the month again, back to reflecting on two months ago though film photos and today we're looking at June.
June was a good and a bad month, I was in the middle of my exams to start the month off, then moved out of uni and had to get used to being back home in the peace and quiet. A weird one but a pretty good one by all accounts.
 Waiting for Chinese food
 Chinese in the park on a wonderfully sunny day
 A night out for Maddie leaving
 Mark took a picture of the spider nest in his bathroom
 Maddie looking funky af
 A fire extinguisher family meeting
 Wonder Woman!! At Fan Club Notts
 I'm this tall???
 The best picture my little compact has ever taken... and it's of a frog bin
 Physics squad! After out last exam!!!
 Multi Coloured Shots are a must ft. Ben's feet
 The last bus ride into the city for the year
Total Babes
 Night out after last exam ft. me leaving halls
 I took two of the same picture cause I didn't know if it had taken... it had

 Lunch out with the Grandparents
 The ride back from lunch out with the grandparents 
 Dinner on the way to my Grandma's
 This was the best salad I have ever eaten, it had potatoes in so 
 My Aunt's adorable fat cat Rosie
 Tring Museum! I was in a very happy place here (yep I'm a vegan who loves stuffed animals)
 A cloud with a beak
 So many goats!!!
Me n my friend the giant sloth
 Wine is important
when its so windy you have to hold the surfboard while it's lent on you
 another one because surf!!
 lunch in the van
 my mother has a slight minion obsession
 wine and doughnuts is a great way to spend an evening
 a somber looking beach

So there are June's pictures, it was a month I didn't take many pictures, a lot more happened than is in here but most of that involved either me cramming in the library or me in bed playing Harvest moon... hey it was a stressful month but a fun month.

Good things that happened in June:
- The weather was beautiful!
- I got through my exams!!!!!
- Moved out of halls!!!!!!!
- Lots of top nights out
- A good few wine in the pub with friends nights
- ate a hell of a lot of good food
- Visited all of my family
- Saw many cool things in tring museum

And probably a whole lot more that I simply don't remember right now. I love the fact I do this, because no matter how crap the month seemed at times I look back on it and smile, and remember all the wonderful things that happened! June made me especially thankful for all my friends and my family so thank you June, you treated me well all things considered.