Festival style gets shit on a lot, people judging girls in their flower crowns with glitter on their face but you know what? I freaking love festival style. And that is mainly because I love a good excuse to cover my face in glitter and wear both the comfiest and most outrageous clothes I have both at the same time. There is a lot of issues with fesitval wear often being cultural appropriation but as long as you stay away from taking from other cultures I see nothing wrong with any kind of festival style. Cover yourself in glitter! Wear a giant flower crown! Heck wear basically nothing for all I care.
Top -(similar) Old 
Yoga pants (similar, similar)- Old 
Boots (similar)- Doc Marten 
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As you can see from my last post a few weeks ago I was at Bluedot Festival, and the only outfit I had planned for the whole weekend was the one in this post,I wanted to wear this specifically, mainly because I feel like this works well for a festival but I don't quite feel like I could wear this out in my hometown and feel comfortable.
But I do love yoga pants, worn as playsuits too, they're so effortlessly comfy, you can sit cross legged in them, take a nap in them, dance the night away in them. I feel like for travelling and festivals they just work so well with being both cooling and comfortable. But they often come in outlandish colours and designs that just aren't my thing so tye-dye kinda grungey ones were right up my alley. And I have to say I was a whole lot comfier in these than they day I wore ridiculously short shorts and was worried about my butt falling out of them, but still not regrets there I felt cute af.
Oh and thank you to Jay for letting me boss you around and taking these photos for me!
Next year I will be stepping up my game for Bluedot though, everyone had the best space theme'd outfits and costumes and though i was festival wear ready and was by no means space festival wear ready. Next year it's all the silver things, alien theme'd things and more. My favourite was one girl wearing essentially shorts made of silver tassels, amazing. I also saw so many guys shamelessly rocking dresses and skirts. I really wish I'd taken photos of everyone's style and done a post on that, another thing for next year! What's your favourite festival style?