I'm often overwhelmed by how complicated, vast, and intertwined the world is. In an era where you're constantly bombarded by the news and can look into other parts of the world with a click of a finger, or even travel to them without too much hastly, my brain often feels like it's being bombarded with too much stuff.

The world isn't laid out like a nice Instagram feed, it's messy and all over the place, it doesn't match nicecely and when travelling this messiness and immensity of new scenery becomes especially overwhelming and overloading.

But sometimes in my travels I come across little snippets of simplicity, an oddity. Little snippets of scenes and places that are just serene compared to their surrounding. That don't quite fir but make me feel either live I've stepped into a difference place or that just evoke a sense of satisfaction and calm.
power lines in the desert 
So today is a little culmination of some of my photos of these places, snapshots that if you were to look beyond the confides of the image would give you a completely different impression than the image themselves. I hope you find the same serene satisfaction that they give me. If you click the caption of the images you can go to the original blog post and see the rest of the place the pictures were taken.
evening light in the mini Taj
A hotel in Pokhara
Bathroom windows in Nha Trang
A window leading to inside?
Before I owned a bed frame
when in a gallery in Norway I was taking pictures of the floor 
Windows in Hong Kong

More windows in Hong Kong
Happy wall men in Hoi An
The whole of this desert was beautifully calming
City Palace in Jaipur
A stormy pier near Sihanoukville
One day I have more of these kinds of images, and make posts where they fit together much better, I was thinking of doing a project based on minimalism and make images on photoshop which flow much nicer, but I'll save that for another time.

I think this serves as a reminder to take a step back from the chaos of the world and find a simple calm place every now and again, you don't have to travel halfway round the world to do that (even though sometimes that's quite nice too).