It's been a while, three weeks, I promised myself I would be better at uploading this week but sometimes life just isn't having it. Exams took over and then getting home and unpacked took over, but I now have 3 months of glorious summer to focus on this little site as well as other projects, plus I have some awesome travel plans. So I'm back and ready to bring it!
But to start being back I'm looking back to April, the next month in my little life in compact series.
So April was the first full month of "Not photo every day just take photos of whatever is interesting" and oh boy did I! I have over 50 photos, oops, oh well it was clearly a great month!
 Arriva = nearly back home in Wales
 Lizzie got merged with a landscape, not intentional but I love it
 So much building work in Cardiff
 A very blurry selfie
 My old friend!
 Just the structure for a tepee, with a mattress in, in a field of horses,,,
 I hope they got their car before the tide came in further
 A fire on the cliffs
 beaches = home

 Mr K!
 I don't know how my arm got in this shot??
 Dyed my hair lilac, lasted about a week
Home cooked roasts are the best
The cutest dogs, back in Nottingham
 Kitty cafe!
 Sleepy Friend
 Fluffy friend
Baloo is hiding in here, he's the alpha cat of this cafe
 Pretty flowers on the way to uni
 The back of this shirt said "Wizards against homo, trans and queer phobia" (or something along those lines
 very bury roller derby pic
 Louse Ryder Cup
 Dedication to the dog, an impressive look
 Splitting cake
 Tunde's work vs Amira's mess
 The vegan pub is one of my favourite places, this pie is one of the best things I've ever eaten
 Found a poor dead squirrel on my walk through the graveyard
 The prettiest tree in bloom
 Last lab of 1st year!
 Editing some kind of video, possibly my Halong bay video?
A protest against the atrocities in Chechnya
So that was April, boy it was a while ago, part of the reason this is so late is because I kept not ending up getting my film developed and so couldn't scan all of April, exams got in the way a little.

Good things that happened in April
-Went home and caught up with some wonderful people
- At home had a lovely beach trip with my dad
- Got my dream hair colour (even if only for a week)
- Made lots of dog and cat friends
- Went to my first roller derby (was awesome)
- Celebrated two friend's birthdays with my first hotpot experience
- Ate lots of other amazing food
- Spring was producing some amazing looking flowers and greenery everywhere
- Finished my labs for the year!
- Went to my first ever protest (was inspiring)

So that was April, feels like eons ago but I do always like looking back and finding the good in things. Now to look to this month  and exciting things happening, including a new blog design!! That should be coming in next week and I'm excited for that, and for having time to focus on this site and get my head in shape and my anxiety sorted and all of that stuff, will be wonderful.
Until then, I hope you enjoyed this little reminisce about April. Have a fabulous weekend!