Hue gave my a little dream I never knew I had. Part of me just wants to move to Vietnam, buy a motorbike and explore forever.

 Motorbikes are everywhere in Vietnam, most people can't afford a car and so use a motorbike to get around. They're versatile, affordable, and easy to use. But I hadn't been on one until we got to Hue, it all seemed super scary watching hundreds of motorbikes trying to manuver their way through the streets while I sat on a bus.
But in Hue we went on a motorbike tour, something I seriously recommend, and I had someone driving me around for the afternoon and it was honestly bliss.
Hai Van Pass
Something about riding through small backstreets and giant empty roads alongside beautiful rolling fields just makes you feel so free. It's so different to travelling and exploring by car because you feel closer nd more exposed to everything, the perfect way to explore an expansive place like Hue.
We visited farms with thousands of ducks where I found my own piece of heaven; watched a woman make beautiful Non La that had intricate hidden designs, all with one arm; learnt how to make incense on the side of the road; saw the slower pace of life newar Thanh Toan Bridge; watched boats pass by on the Perfume river; explored an Amphitheatre which still had scratches from tigers; and watched the sun set outside Thien Mu Pagoda. All while I was soaking up the sun and feeling the wind in my hair on the back of a motorbike, perfection.
Thanh Toan Bridge
Perfume River
I wouldn't have swapped this afternoon for anything, we fit so much in but it didn't feel rushed, it was just right.
 More of my motorbike ride and the places we saw are in my video below.
This Motorbike tour was a part of a G Adventures tour of Cambodia and Vietnam.
 Hue is a beautiful place, Vietnam is a beautiful place. Maybe one day I'll have my motorbike and will just spend my days exploring.