I'll admit I don't have all that much to say today, I've tried to write a bit in my last few outfit posts, something positive or a note to self but honestly today I am just beyond tired. I'm supposed to be going out tonight but I don't think I'll make it past midnight even without alcohol.
The end of January/Febuary is always the tiredest part of they year, even if I've done amazing up til now I always crash and just want to hibernate for the month. But I won't I'll just take it easy and try and get my stuff done with lots of breaks for binge watching TV and eating as much as I can.

Shirt and Jumper - Vintage
Leggings and Hat - Charity Shop
Shoes - Second Hand
I've been living in this outfit and similar recently, it's a lot colder where I live for uni than it is at home and it's too cold to wear skirts and tights out so I've opted to just living in leggings shirts and comfy jumpers/cardigans. Honestly it works well, I can take a nap pretty much anywhere I want and I'm reasonably warm. A definite win.
And the second outfit I've posted where nothing was bought unethically, it was all vintage or from charity shops and the total cost was probably about £25 for the whole look.
In other news I think I've broken my google analytics? I did something to try and get rid of the bots on it and it said I was only getting like 1 view a day with an 100% bounce rate (which is rubbish because I was getting comments and new followers) and now It's saying I'm only getting like 6 views a day with no time actually spent on my site.
Anyone else had this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?? It's been like this almost all month and it doesn't want to fix itself.
Ah maybe it'll be good to live without the numbers for a while
Thanks for reading!