So if you've been following my blog over the last few months you'll know I'm slowly making the transition over to an ethical blogger, I am no longer buying my clothes in high street stores and I'm becoming more concious about my buying. And so I thought I would start to make some more specific posts about ethical fashion, as that's what I want this blog to be about (alogn with concious travel and other things).
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Now when I first started looking into ethical fashion, and even know when I'm searching for brands two things always stick out for me, the fact that most of the ones promoted by bloggers are extremely expensive (I mean hello I'm a student I don't want to pay $100 for a t shirt) and just not my style. A lot of it is because ethical fashion goes along with the minimalist trend and I can totally see why people like that. And because a lot of people starting to catch onto the ethical trend have a large disposable income and aren't strapped for cash students like me.
And also I only ever seem to see American brands advertised, with a few Australian ones, and so I thought I would share a few brands I have found from the UK which I would totally buy from and who are doing their bit.
ASOS Green Room
I had no idea until recently this was a thing but it's pretty big that a company like ASOS had a section just for "eco brands". And they have everything from basics, bikinis, and sleepwear, to super cool upcycled vintage pieces. They also have a collection called ASOS Made in Kenya which works directly with a charitable initiative collaborating with a local primary school.
A great start from ASOS and it would be super cool to see them working with more eco brands and expanding this range in future.
MCXI is a UK based handmade brand run by one person, Georgina Verity All of their pieces are either completely handmade, upcycled or somewhat handmade in the UK and they're all gorgeous!
It does say underneath each item whether it is handmade/made to order so it's easy to see.
And I definitely need a pair of their velvet bell bottoms in my life

Nobody's Child
These guys sell themselves as "fast fashion with a conscience" and though I am not a fan of the fast fashion movement, a brand that is both affordable and ethical is something I can get behind.
And I love love their clothing, they remind me of a lot of brands I shopped at before I decided to delve into ethical fashion which is refreshing to see.

Ethical market
These guys are more than just a fashion brand and they have all the quirky kind of tees and tote bags that I love, with great gift ideas and a few cute tees to add to it as well. They support local UK businesses in one marketplace.

We are Hairy people
Oh my gosh their clothes are the cutest, all handmade/hand painted and gorgeous. These are clothes I'd describe more as a splash out at around £50-100 for a dress. This is something I'd happily pay for their pieces as they're all hand painted here in the UK, are completely unique, and so beautiful.
I don't really know anywhere else you can get  two piece mesh set with party rings painted on it and I think that's amazing.
Oh and they do custom pieces  so I could get my dream shirt with party rings painted on...

So that's a few of the brands I've found, I'll be honest it wasn't the easiest task but I'm hoping to find more brands and make other posts in the future. If you liked it and would like more posts like this, or want me to make more posts on ethical fashion in the future then let me know!
I'm planning an ethical street-wear brand post soon so I hope you'll stick around for that.

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