Bit of a weird day to post I know. I missed Tuesday's scheduled post time due to having to go back to uni to get my retainer, well done me, and then yesterday I was very hungover and spent most of the day in bed; oops.
I'm very happy with how the photos turned out in this post. Is it ironic that the first time I went to the beach since I was back home was dressed as a fisherman? Probably yes. and is it ironic that my firs outfit post in eons is a stranded sailor with really bad handwriting? Again probably yes. But hey this post might be a metaphor for the fact that I felt trapped inland at uni and didn't have the sea around me but it's one I'm proud of.

So there you have it, a story of a sailor lost on land. And a fun fact that this is the first outfit post I've had where everything (apart from the hat which is from Norway) was second hand! And (again apart from the hat) cost probably less than £20. Ethical and cheap, all the great things.
I don't know whether to expand on this and do another series. I'd love to do this character (?) getting lost in a city, a Christmas market, on a beaches on different parts of the world. I just don't know how I'd do that logistically but that's for future me to worry about.
For now I'm off to eat breakfast and do my revision for the day, oh I do love having January exams.
And I'll see you guys probably Monday with my next post, hope you enjoyed this one becaue I had a lot of fun making it. Have a wonderful weekend and Christmas!
Thanks for reading!