Hello pretty people and welcome to my Friday travel post, on a Sunday (I'm working my way back to normal timings). I went back and forth a lot on how to edit these pictures, recently I've been a bit unhappy with my editing style, I feel like I haven't improved and though my style works well for my fashion posts it doesn't work for my travel posts, I don't feel like they reach the potential they have as images. So I've been trying some new techniques.
I said in my last post about Trekking in Nepal I'd talk about one little village a stayed in and this is that post. I didn't want to do the whole of these pictures in black and white, it fits but at the same time I don't want to really over dramatise Chisopani, it's a beautiful village and though it had been a year from the earthquake in Nepal when I visited it hadn't recovered much. It was striking just how much damage there was but also how beautiful the place was, and though there was a lot of damage most of the buildings were still upright and would need to be completely torn down to be rebuilt.
But on the subject of lots of feelings felt in Chisopani, pure joy because of the beauty, exhaustion, dread for the next day of walking, a marvel at the resiliance of the poeple still in Chisopani. I edited these photos in different ways. And there are two versions of a lot of the photos because  felt it fitted.

And I didn't just want colour versions because of my feelings towards Chisopani, it was also because the buildings were all really amazing colours and there was such rich colours everywhere that I didn't want to just lose them by converting everything to black and white. So I found a middle ground.
I hope you liked these photos and if you ever think about visiting Nepal just go. It's beautiful and they've lost so much tourism since the earthquake.
Hope you've had a lovely Christmas or are having a lovely Hanukkah or just a great week if you celebrate neither. See you probably on Wednesday.
Thanks for reading!