So Saturday was Pride Cymru and as usual it was a pretty amazing day, but I got none of the photos or video that I wanted really. And that was mostly because I was enjoying myself too much. I spent most of my day lying in the grass chilling out (and getting sunburnt) and most of the time the last thing on my mind was photos and videos, what a great blogger I am. But that being the reason I don't mind. The day and the night were both great and I was thinking back on how much I have changed as a person from last years pride and it is seriously crazy how much has changed. I look different for a start but also I was so much more confident and chilled out. I actually had the confidence to vlog myself talking this year and that is the first time I've ever done that so yay for me.
Last year I was so nervous the whole time and scared to ask for anyone photos and videos. Ok I didn't get anyone's this year but I had the confidence to get them just not the right motivation.
And i have to say it was a lot bigger this year and the atmosphere was better (though the parade wasn't quite as good).
Oh and you can see last year's post here 

H from Steps and Heather Peace!
This ride was not as bad as last year... I didn't feel like I was going to die this time
As i said, not many photos. And a bit of a random assortment btu I enjoyed the day a lot and that's the main point of it all. Plus I've spend the best past of the last three months photographing and videoing every day and haven't been home for more than a tiny bit. So when I do finally get home for good (good being a month before uni) then I am going to work hard for a few days sheduling everything for that month and then I'm going to put my camera down and binge watch tv, play video games, go to the beach and lie in the sun without feeling the need to photograph it all because I think I need a bit of a break. Both from travelling and photographing my travels. Because as much as I love it all I think I'm a little burnt out and that happens to everyone.
Also I have a vlog below which is very messy, it's the first time I've used premier pro and the first time I've edited on my laptop and it was hard work so I hope you enjoy it anyway and that I improve for the future.

Hope you liked this very short post and if you've been to any Pride celebrations this year what have they been like?
Thanks for reading!