This is what I'd call a very random assortment of pictures, Jaipur was the second place we went on our India-Nepal trip and I still wasn't quite used to shooting on the go. Some good pictures came out of it but a lot were lost thanks to a huuge smudge on my lense, which I didn't notice. I could edit it out of some pictures but it was massive and it caused me a lot of pain when editing. Buut I did get some decent pictures out of it, plus of course there's still a lot to write about. This first picture is the gate into Jaipur old city. 

We arrived to Jaipur from Pushkar which if I recall wasn't too long a drive, we stopped for lunch in the middle so it was probably between four and six hours (which isn't long for India). You can see my previous travel post from Pushkar and Delhi here.
 Getting our usual share of stares as we wander into the main part of the city. I say wander but there were a lot of people and cars and as it was only my second day really in an Indian city it was a little intimidating.

 Our first stop was a local market which was an assault on the nose, albeit mostly a good one (and a change from the smell of I don't care to know what which is a lot of Indian cities).
 This is besan burfi which is made of chickpea flower and oh my gosh it's heavenly. Unfortunately for the rest of my time in India I didn't find any of this without butter in but I'm hoping the Indian place near me that does sweets might have a vegan version. Fingers crossed.
 This is where they make cumin powder, and also make you sneeze. No joke the smell coming out of this little workshop was insane and the powder got stuck up your nose for ages afterwards. Everything in there (including the people) were stained yellow. All of that combined with the smell of chilli from all the other stores meant I had a very clear head.
And then after a short tuk tuk tour and seeing some of Jaipur from a rooftop we stopped of at a garage for dinner. Yes a literal garage, all the cars were moved out of the way, the floor was hosed down and they put tables out for us all. It was pretty cool. While everyone else got chicken or paneer skewers, being the vegan I am my tour guide bought me a dosa and it was an enlightening experience. A pancake with potatoes in, what more could a carb addict want? Plus it came with dahl and this amazing chilli tomato stuff. I was in food heaven in this little garage. This was the best dosa I've had and I couldn't find one like it in the rest of my time in India. I am determined to have one that good again.
 Now it's onto the next day, where everyone started their day with a Lassi. What I found weird is that they served the lassi in terracotta pots and then threw them in the bin when they were done rather than wash them. I mean they probably took the terracotta out of the bin and reformed it into new cups but why not just wash them? Or is terracotta really cheap in India?
 Then it was off to the City palace, a super pretty place which is really all a facade, this is a fake front and was used to watch the view of the city by royals who weren't allowed to leave the palace grounds.
 Next up we ventured to Amber fort, and it was a bit of a struggle because it was probably about 40 degrees (celcius) and pretty open. None of us really wanted to move and our tour guide kept telling us to stop being lazy. It was a beautiful building though and had a great view of the area around it.
It was a huge complex with the fort and palace grounds in it. Including a rainy season and summer palace, plus space for the king and all of his official wives.

And that's it for the pictures of Jaipur. After the Amber fort we went out for someone on our tour's Birthday. Our tour guide arranged fireworks which were literally set of and left in a box on the road outside the restaurant we were eating on the roof of but that's India for you. I also have a video diary from Jaipur below which includes our super fancy hotel. So enjoy that. And this is from a India to Nepal tour by G Adventures which you can see here.

So I hope you enjoyed this post. I'll see you next time.
Thanks for reading!