Hey hey hey, how's it going? Another night shoot, this time in a familiar location. I've said before how I light to go back to the same location in different seasons as they tend to look completely different and I guess the same can be said for day and night.
These photos didn't turn out at all like I expected but then again I don't know what I expected. They turned out better anyhow, I initially wasn't sure I like this look but I like it in the photos so it's a strange one really.
The past day has been clear, finally after about 3 weeks I have seen clear skies! It was beautiful, lots of grey weather really does make you appreciate how beautiful the sky is without clouds covering it. I mean clouds are pretty, except when they're just a white or grey mass covering the sky, that isn't so nice. I mean I'm hoping it stays like this for a little while but as I live in Wales there really is no guarantee.

Shirt - Topshop
Boots - Doc Marten
I have also been really inspired photography wise today, I mean that doesn't reflect in these photos as I took them yesterday but expect more experimentation to come. I must admit that I've been lacking inspiration and ideas the past few days (this idea was from weeks ago but I hadn't been able to go out and take photos) but now i feel ready to just go out and have fun with my camera.
Also less photos than usual on this post because my flash was playing up, I'll try and get that sorted for next time I use it but it's weird. What was working fine last time wasn't this time and vice versa. Ah well I'm sure I'll sort it out.
Hope you enjoyed this post and my interesting facial expressions (I seem to keep finding new ones).
Thanks for reading!