Hey hey pretty people! It's finally been sunny, and I am so happy. Though today was grey I have hope that it won't be like that for the next 3 weeks. I mean it could well be but one sunny day is always means for a bit of hope for better weather.
Oh and it was such a beautiful one, the perfect crisp wintery day, with beautiful light all day from the low fun, that turquoise cloudless sky and a slightly biting cold. I went out and cycled around bit to find this spot by the sea to take photos and it was a perfectly chilled out. Pun not intended there. Lets just hope there are more days like this, it's the type of winter I love.

 Jacket  - Topshop (similar )
Shirt - Urban Outfitters (similar, similar)
Dungarees - Vintage 

 Yeah I am wearing double denim here, it's a bit hard to tell because my scarf is in the way but the
shirt is denim too. I'm usually really adverse to blue denim, these are the only two blue denim pieces I own and I've only ever bought 1 pair of blue denim jeans for myself which I soon threw out. But Denim shirts and jackets I can deal with, sometimes, if they're really light blue. I dunno what it is but I'm just so fussy about denim in blue. I do see a lot of denim pieces on people I love but never can seem to find stuff I like on myself, but there we go.
This post was almost late, because I was in full blaze inspired writing mode and was trying to do that while also thinking "aah need to edit these pictures". But I managed! Next post is something a bit different, with a lot of writing and hopefully some inspiration, but check back on Thursday and you'll see just what I'm talking about then.
Thanks for reading!