Ok so I just listened all the way through Grimes' new album and I'm in love, well I knew I would be but still. it's so chill and quite different to her other albums. Just gutted that I'm in Belize when she's in the Uk (but I'll be in Belize so I can't really complain).
Also the location for these pictures isn't the best. I went here before and it was better but as soon as I got my camera out it pissed down. So I went back and the leaves had gone all mushy and gross from being walked on (it's that lovely time of year).
Buut I did just really want to show you guys this shirt (and get another post out on time). I've wanted something cow print for so long! Mainly because of the irony in the fact I'm allergic to milk but I also love the pattern, and asymmetrical shirts are my favourite. I've honestly worn this very outfit about 4 times in the last week.

Jeans - ? (Similar here, here)
Boots - Linzi Shoes
Watch - Fashion Tales (similar here)
Also, I wasn't sure on the whole all white boots thing but I think I like it. They make me feel like Vince Noir (Mighty Boosh anyone?).
I actually have some exciting stuff coming up in the next few months and my next post should be a review, one on a product I haven't done in a few years... I'm trying to be mysterious I'm not sure it's working tbh. I don't think I'll try that again.
But yeah, hope you liked my monochrome cow inspired (it wasn't I don't know why I wrote that) outfit, I'll see you all in a few days. Peace out.
Should I write more at the bottom here? I feel like I should, I mean let me know if you wanna see more of me rambling.
Thanks for reading!