Hey again pretty people. Sorry for the late post I have been so super busy this week! It's been photography pretty much non stop. I just haven't had the chance to edit my blog posts. also don't help that I jsut got Civilization Beyond Earth but yanno, lets pretend that's not a factor.
I've been volunteering at Cardiff's Diffusion Festival for the last week and going to some of the events and it's been super fun, plus I've had my photography course and I've been working on photos from that (which I will show you in my next post probably) so it's all go.
The title was just because I have no creativity tonight apparently. And this is the first post with me and my grey hair so it seemed like a good idea?

Shirt - Thunder Egg (similar here, here)
Skirt - Vintage (similar here)
Boots - Car Boot (similar here)

 So how d'you guys like my new hair colour? It's a lot more silvery now. At this point (about 3 weeks ago) it was kind of purpley or blue ish in some lights but now it's definitely a silvery grey. I am going to dye it lilac soon probably but I'm liking the grey. Plus it works well for my photo project.
I've been wearing this clothing combination a lot too, it's so so comfy without me having to worry about a skirt being pulled up (my bags do it a lot) plus it's practical without me just wearing jeans. And I love love love this shirt, spacey themed things are some of my faves.
I will I will I will try and post every 3 days, I was doing quite well with it for a little while but then I had to edit like 50 photos for my last Paris post and then last week happened. Oh well, life goes on and I will try again
Hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely week!
Thanks for reading!