And by it I mean the 90s grungy jumper and by back I mean in fashion. Well as you guys have probably guessed if you've followed me for a while (or have looked back through some of my outfits) you probably know I don't really care what's in fashion, I wear what I wear. However, when something is in fashion I can buy lots of that item. Like fluffy things seemed to be last autumn, i bought loads and I have more than enough for the cold months. I bought the jumper I'm wearing now in a vintage shop and I think I paid a lot for it (well a lot for me to buy things it was probably like £25) but I want more and I keep on looking for the perfect baggy grungy knit cardi or jumper but nada. They're either in colours I'd never wear or they're wool, which is irritating as anything and hardly vegan (though that's not so much of an issue if it's vintage). So yeah bring them back! I want to be cosy in ridiculously big knit jumpers. Please and thank you.
Also this posting every 3 days thing is actually working, it has been 3 days (just over 72 hours but who's counting) since my last post and i even have a schedule of what I'm going to post next! Well I say it's going well it's almost midnight and I'm just finishing editing and writing but it's not midnight yet so I am winning. Also I have a schedule but I haven't edited any of the photos for any of my schedule and I haven't even taken most of the photos but it's still progress. And progress is progress, but I won't speak too soon as this could go down the drain soon.

Jumper - Vintage (similar herehere and here)
Skirt - Vintage (Similar here)
Boots - Car Boot Sale (Similar here)

So it turns out this whole outfit is vintage/ second hand, snazzy stuff. Tennis/pleated skirts are in but the only place I seem to find ones are in vintage shops and they're always about 1/2 an inch too small. This one is but I still wear it, I mean I keep saying I'm going to add the extra fabric so it'll fit but never get round to it.
I also seem to be experimenting with facial expression in these photos which is well... interesting. I like it though it's better than just having my resting bitch face in photos, though that is still featured heavily of course. I mean it is my default setting.
But yes I have a plan for the near blogging future and I'm feeling very optimistic and not too anxious so all is good. It's very strange spending 90% of my time just going around doing what I want to do when I want to do it but it's also very refreshing and really nice. Freeing in a way.
And though I do say I have a schedule I'm not 100% on what my next post will be, not an outfit post I know that. It could be beauty, or photography, or a wishlist I just don't know yet. But that's part of the fun. Stay tuned for whatever is next! Hope you enjoyed this post anyhow
Also I know I did say pleated skirts are in and grungy jumpers not but I found lots of grungy jumpers when looking and no pleated skirts so I think I may have been wrong...
Thanks for reading!