Long time no see I know! I promised myself it wouldn't be over a month but ooops... it has been. But soon I will be posting so much it will be hard to miss me! Two weeks and exams are finally over, and I'll be starting my youtube channel, starting my new job properly and going on a girls holiday. It's all go. Plus I'll definitely get back into blogging properly and it'll be like the good old days of me blogging outfits and photo posts every couple of days.
But right now I'm procrastinating. I have done the bulk of my exams and my brain is telling me no more, but I do need to do more... right after I have posted this of course.
These photos are from a party a while back, I've been so in the zone of work and revision that I hven't even been editing photos, let alone taking them. But that is going to change soon I promise (that's a promise for both you guys and myself).
And for once these photos weren't taken by me. and they're a bit different because I was really ill so didn't look my best in most of the photos.

Top - Tee And Cake @ Topshop// Skirt - Ark// 
 I'm not sure about the photo os me sat on the car. But it matched my shoes so I thought why not. Also the editing is a bit hazy, I need to get back into the swing of thing properly.
I haven't stopped wearing this t shirt since I got it. I saw a similar one a while back and then went into topshop and this was the only one left in the sale. Meant to be. It's so comfy too.
I do have a surprise happening soon, on the 18th if you follow my instagram but it might be a bit later on here (as I will be doing a video and blog post). So stay tuned for that exciting stuff.
For now I leave you in suspense. Thanks for popping by and hope you're having a lovely weekend. It's so sunny here it's wonderful.
Thanks for reading!