Hello lovely people! Hope you've all had a good week, I know mine has been pretty decent and I've actually been quite productive, somehow.
Very pleased with how some of these photos turned out. I was wandering around these church grounds for a while looking for a place to shoot where I haven't shot before and then I saw these three silver Birch trees (I think that's what they are anyway) and thought they looked perfect. Quite witchy vibes from this, though it's a reasonably simple outfit.
Though next time I really have to watch my step for dog poo in the grass because I had a lot of very near misses...
The title is London Grammar, been listening to quite a lot of them recently. Though I've actually been listening to Nick Mulvey's First Mind album waaay too much; it's very good to study to. 
Sheer Crop - Sparkle & Fade @ Urban Outfitters// Skirt - Miss Selfridge// Boots - Kerol D//

Also, I got a new theme! I finally realised how messy my old one was so I bought one, I think it's pretty cute. It took me longer to post this because I wanted to get my theme and set it up before this post so it looked extra nice and I could be even more pleased with it. And I am. Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend!