Ok so I had absolutely no idea what to title this, and I was trying to think of something catchy myself but it just was not working. But I've been listening to a lot of Mary Lambert recently and her song Born Sad just, I love it.  
Anyways, I went out and took these photos yesterday after piano and it was super super nice out. The sky went from orange to purple to pink and I made friends with a cat. I was down the lane I'm in in my photos (as you do) and this cat just came up to me and was purring at me and meowing and she was so cute, whenever anyone else walked by though she ran away from them. And when i was taking my photos she just sat on this piece of cardboard wathing me or she started headbutting my camera and tripod. It was super super cute and I'm also super happy with these photos so all in all it was a good day.

Kimono - Urban Outfitters// Top - Panic Posters// Boots - Kerold Apparel// Skort - ? (Similar here)// Ohm Choker - Extreme Largeness//
I also have a lot to say about these boots. They are amaaaazing, super comfy, and they make me feel a bit tall; which is not something I usually feel. I never excpected them to be as easy to walk on but they're actually more comfy than some of my flat shoes (which I don't have many of to be honest). They also squeak a bit when I walk and little kids stare at them in awe, turly beautiful.
Enough about the shoes, I could go on all day but I wont I'll leave it there. Hope you've all had a wonderful week and your weekend is even better. Thanks for reading!