So yesterday I went to Cardiff with my Dad to buy a new coat (it's a gorgeous coat from mango and it's so cosy i think I'm in love with it) and I was wearing a grey, blue and cream outfit so decided why not take pictures of the same colour of my outfit? I'm not that good at these types of blogposts yet but I hope to do more and improve in the future. I had a bit of trouble editing them into matching tones.
I tried to make it look icy and cold because it felt like that kind of day. Though i was super cosy once I had my coat on.

In between shopping and taking pictures I discovered Cardiff Fashion Quater which I recommend to anyone who likes alternative/vintage fashion who visits Cardiff. They have some pretty great clothes but I didn't find anything I absolutely fell in love with. Think I'll be going back after Christmas and buy some stuff then. It's quite pretty at the moment because of the Christmas lights but i swear most years they're more impressive. Maybe they haven't put all of the lights up yet. Who knows.
Let me know what you think of this type of post. Something you want to see more of? I'm gunna be posting some outfit photos next week as I have some photos from last weed and an uber cute outfit today to show you guys too. Thanks for reading :D