So I was pretty happy when I won a giveaway a couple of weeks back hosted by someone on tumblr. It said on the giveaway that I was going to receive an 'accessory goodie bag' which sounded pretty cool. I was thinking maybe a couple of pieces of jewellery, maybe some socks or a purse or something. Some sort of Japanese fashion item perhaps because they do specialise  Korean and Japanese fashion.

I didn't get any of this. Well I got some jewellery but it stopped there

And I mean I don't mean to sound ungrateful at all and I feel lucky to get items but I do feel very mislead. Not by the blogger who held this becasue they weren't to know, but by Vivi Clothes themselves.

This is what I got, this is not what I call a goodie bag and not remotely 'Japanese Fashion'. I mean they aren't bad items at all, they're cute (especially the teddy earrings) and not badly made, but still, it couldn't have cost them much.

That's the main thing though, they got advertising on the blogger who hosted the giveaway's blog to like 1000 people for this. Which can't have cost them more than £2 (max). It feels like a bit of a scam to the blogger if you ask me. So I guess this is a warning to anyone wanting to hold a giveaway from them, do be warned our followers won't get an amazing prize at all. It just seems like they don't care.

But the main reason I wouldn't buy from them is the way this was packaged. Just as you see above in a small envelope which was pretty useless. When I picked it up from under my door the envelope was ripped by the earrings and I could have easily had absolutely nothing from them.So I do think they need to re think the way they package things.

Overall I feel like I've just been scammed really. I was promised a goodie bag and expecting some Japanese fashion items. I got 3 pairs of earrings from them and they didn't even bother to check if I had my ears pierced before sending this out (I don't).

This isn't the fault of the person who hosted the giveaway either and she feels awful now (which she really shouldn't) and this makes me even more annoyed at Vivi clothes.  I've seen plenty of people on tumblr hosting these giveaways who have no idea that Vivi Clothes is pretty much scamming them for advertising. It's not on at all and I've made this post just to warn people. And vent of course.

Sorry this is a bit messy, but you get the idea.
Don't buy from them is my advice