Ok so these photos are from a couple of weeks back when me and Lizzie went out to take photos. It didn't turn out great as we were trying some new things out that didn't go to plan. But it wasn't in vain because I have more ideas on how to do things and also there are these pictures.

The main reason it didn't work is that I was feeling rather un-model like and kept pulling the ugliest faces in the world. But never mind that... I'll forget about that...

Shirt - Awwdore // Bag - Marrakech // Belt - Upcycled // Skirt - Topshop // Socks - River Island// Shoes - Red @ Brantanno// 

So overall the photos from that shoot are these. But we'll try again another time and get it right I'm sure. Anyway, thanks for reading. My next update should be a makeup review of some sort so stay tuned for that c: