So these photos were from yesterday and by most people's standards... it wasn't hot. But at like 27 degrees C it was pretty hot for the uk (especially as the past 2 summers have been rain and like 18 degrees). My hair was in the way and really anoying me so I put it back which helped because is was way to hot for a fringe today anyway ) hence the title. Don't have many photos as Tom didn't manage to get any attractive ones of me (luckily Lizzie has now agreed to be my photographer).

Dress - Market Stall // Shoes - Charity Shop (originally from Next) // 

 These shoes are really cute, but they're a bit big and therefore awkward to walk in...

Yeah there are a lot of feet, so I guess this isn't the post for you if you don't like feet. Me and Tom went down to the beach and he threw me in the sea .n. But I was cool after so kind of glad he did. Most people don't go in the sea at our local beach because it's a bit grimy but if it's hot enough then you do see the occasional mad person swimming. That's Tom in the last photo, looking cool and surferish, I hope he doesn't mind me posting that... oh well.

Bit of a short post, but thanks for reading anyway. 
Enjoy your day!