I guess the blogs I follow have kind of inspired my wishlist this July, I meant to add more items, I was debating between doing another couple of categories with like The elements and some Psycadellic inspired clothing but I'd been putting off and putting off doing this post and wanted to get it out there. 

I guess my style is changing a bit, thanks to a lot of the blogs I follow on blogger and bloglovin I've fallen in love with a good few styles now. From the cuteness of lolita and harajuku street fashion to more high fashion style and the ''grungy'' sort of look, so that'll be Incorporated more. I guess a lot of the blogs I look at have one ''main'' style which I guess a lot of their readers relate to and follow but I don't quite know where I'm going in terms of fashion, I just wear what I like regardless of if it ''fits in'' to a certain style. So really I don't know where this blog is going, and it's why I've kept the layout quite simple, because I don't want it to be all cutesy and pink when my fashion doesn't always follow that and I know I've only got like 4 followers at the moment but I hope to improve and reach more people in the future. Any concrit I would be happy to hear.

Anyway now onto the actual wishlist...

6. One Teaspoon Freaky Love Denim Bustier - DollsKill $65.00

I haven't really worn pastel colours since I was about 5 and everything had to be pink or purple. But I thought now was as good time as ever to put some colour into my wardrobe, but pastels aren't always the easiest to just add to an outfit. Which is why I chose a few pairs of shoes, because even if you have an outfit that's just plain old black and white, adding a bright pastel pair of heels or boots can really add something and some colour to said outfit. Other than that I seem to be a bit shoe obsessed lately... can you tell I like NastyGal's shoes?

Black and White

I may have said that I was going more into pastel, and I am, but black and white is just so simple and can go with pretty much any outfit. Again, lots of shoes, but who doesn't love shoes? You may also be able to tell I'm a little in love with UNIF, their stuff is so expensive but so nice, I need a pair of hellbounds in my life, I'd finally be really tall.
Sorry there's only a few items, after picking items I realised a lot were real hassle to edit so I gave up...

A lot of this wasn't on a budget I was more looking at items to treat yourself with or items I've just fallen in love with. So if anyone wants a ''Budget Shopping'' wishlisty type of thing, just let me know in the comments and I will get on that (I probably will anyway).

Thanks for reading 
Have a Great Day