I decided not to go with a musical title today and just state what the outfit was. I'm actually wearing this today (thought the photos were taken a few days ago) and considering it was overcast the photos turned out great.

Shirt - Urban Outfitters (Old) // Skirt - Charity Shop (Originally H&M) // Bag - Primark (shh) // Socks - Topshop // Shoes - Shuch //

I've always been in love with this shirt and I'm now in love with the skirt too (so I'll probably be wearing this outfit a lot). I mean £6 in a charity shop was not a bad buy. And though the bag is plastic I think it'll last a while and it's not too bad, I love the pattern anyhow.

Pictures taken by Lizzie.
I actually love how these turned out, a bit quirky is I may say so myself, but it works. It was annoyingly windy this day so my hair was everywhere but again, it kind of worked. 

Thanks for reading, should have an art feature for you guys tomorrow.