Pride season is back properly this year and it started pretty early for me, normally I'm starting on pride stuff in late may preparing for the Who Made My Pride Merch campaign and my busiest month of the year freelancing but for the first time ever I went to Swansea Pride.

This was both my first Swansea Pride and the first pride celebration Welsh Ballroom Community have been to so it was a pretty special day, we paraded, hosted a panel, and performed so it was a long but pretty glorious day and a reminder of how important queer joy, community, and chosen family is.

Now normally when I cover pride celebrations on this blog theres a range of pictures of the day, mostly of cool protest signs because I'm a sucker for a protest sign, but this year because I was with my wonderful Welsh Ballroom Community so my photos kind of got focused on us. But I'm still quite happy with them, so I hope you enjoy.

Oh and my pride ootd? We have a pair of rainbow Lucy and Yak Jeans with a rainbow tee I bought in a vintage shop. No hand embroidered or painted tee this year because all of my pride related art work and clothing is actually currently in Swansea Waterfront Museum on display. Yes the rest of the community were wearing the trans flag colours but I didn't have any on hand....

Oh and did I mention we did a performance in the evening? I didn't get any pictures of this because I was in it but here are a couple by Syd Howels.

All in all a pretty magical day, if a long and tiring one! Onto the next pride (I am so happy that they are back this year prepare for lots of features of prides on this blog).


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