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As you're probably already aware of, it's pride month! And you may have already seen my "Who Made My Pride Merch?" campaign which is asking all those big brands capitalising off of queer people whilst not making things ethically who is actually making their clothes, and how they're going to do better to protect LGBTQ+ people in their supply chains. With this campaign running I have had a lot of people ask me for queer ethical brands to shop with, for both pride merch and general every day stuff that's more inclusive and so here we are!

No you don't have to support unethical brands like Primark, H&M, and boohoo to get your pride merch fix this month (and beyond) and you can instead support queer owned brands and give your money to small, ethical businesses owners, rather than billionaires!

Now the niche of "Queer owned, ethical, and sustainable" is quite a tight one and so all of the brands on this list are ethically made, most are queer/LGBTQ+ owned, and a lot are sustainable in one shape or form. And I will discuss these things under each brand! There's everything from pride tees, to art pieces, underwear, jewellery and makeup.

I've also made sure to include Black and POC owned brands but this list is still lacking in that way so any suggestions are welcome!

They make their clothes in women owned factories paying living wages, they have a size range of XS-4X (US), and sustainability built into their production line.They also work hard to make sure their website is fully accessible.
Beefcake swimwear
Another brand I've featured here before! Beefcake swimwear are an American based brand who make one piece, androgynous, 20s style swimsuits, including some (subtle) rainbow pride ones!

They are a small business making their swimsuits in batches of around 100, designed to fit lots of different body types and offering sizes XS-5X . Their swimsuits are made from recycled polyester, made in the US, and they're very upfront about the costings of everything. Also they're LGBT woman owned too!
Heckin' Unicorn
Heckin' unicorn are a Singapore based brand who make subtle pride pin badges. Designed by queer people, for queer people.

I couldn't find much on their production other than that they're a climate neutral certified brand and offset all of their carbon emissions. Not the most ideal solution on it's own, and I'd love to see more more about other ways they're helping the environment in their supply chain, but it is definitely a good start!
Plus Equals
A fabulously extravagant plus size brand, plus equals don't have specific pride merch per se but they do have lots of sparkles, bright colours, and an amazing size range. Fierce fashion for fatter femmes, as they say themselves. They sell size 14-42 (UK) and also offer made to measure clothing to fit any size, so you can get bright fashion just for you.

Oh and they have plus size vintage/up-cycled clothing. A rarity. Amazing.
Pride Flag SD
Queer owned, ethically made pride flags! This brand was suggested to me on instagram, I'd been looking for flags for a while, so thank you to the person who suggested them. All flags are made in house, with American Sourced materials and are sustainable packaged. Plus right now a portion of the money from each Philadelphia Pride flag is going to the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. Love it!

Shape shifters
Shape shifters are a brand that do binders for all sizes in lots of styles. With pride colours, skin colours, binder dresses, you can even add hoods to any binders! They also offer repairs and tailoring for all of their binders which is a sustainable initiative that I love. Each binder is made to order for your sizing so you get one that fits perfectly.

They regularly do giveaways for folk who can't afford binders and you can donate to those on their website.

LGBT owned, size inclusive, and giving back. Love to see it.

Automic Gold
Automic gold are an LGBT owned jewellery company working with 100% reclaimed gold made in a range of sizes. Ethical, sustainable, jewellery that is also fully size inclusive, the only one in the world!

They do cute rings, delicate necklaces, and custom word jewellery too! So you can customise to your heart's content. Oh and they repaid all jewellery for free in the first 6 months so you can wear without worry. Also their campaigns and photoshoots are beautifully inclusive.

Wilde Mode
A small independent brand based in Dundee, Scotland. they make size inclusive underwear and leggings to order. They're colourful, fun, and made using vegan waterbed inks. Their clothes are gender free, sensory friendly and in sizes XS-6XL. Sustainable, ethical, inclusive, that's what we like to see.

Rebirth Garments
A queer owned brand making gender diverse clothing for LGBTQ+ and disabled people made by hand in the US.  All their tops and bras come with binder options and all of their undies and bottoms with options for tucking or packing plus they offer custom clothing, patches, and accessories.
Fluide Beauty
Inclusive, Cruelty free, vegan, made in the USA makeup. I've had my eye on Fluide for a long time and I absolutely love their products and campaigns. Gender free makeup marketing is just *chefs kiss* The one issue I do have though is that most of the glitter they use is not eco glitter, but they do have some so hopefully we'll be seeing more eco products from them in the future! (In which case I will be buying everything thanks).

Junebug and Darlin'
Not all of Junebug and Darlin's cross stitches are queer themed but the ones that are, are fabulous. As someone who has gotten into stitching during lockdown I can recommend it for a nice slow and relaxing art form! Plus they'll look really good on your wall when you're done.

Origami Customs
Origami customs  are a Canadian, queer owned, brand that make handmade and customised underwear and swimwear for people of all genders. Their pieces are beautiful, diverse, and they offer alterations for free! With everything from binders, to nursing bras, to day wear, you're bound to find something for you. With clothing in sizes XXS-5XL

Not only this but they care about the planet too, using a range of deadstock, and locally milled fabric along with recycled polyester and bamboo. Hand made in Montreal.

Plus they work with local communities to provide products to people who can't afford them otherwise, and donate directly to grassroots initiatives.
A Black queer owned brand Makoma makes beautiful one of a kind pieces using African prints mixed with contemporary silhouettes. Each piece is ethically made and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Me Undies
Me Undies are a sustainable and ethical underwear brand, they make super soft undies of fibre made from beech trees, made in factories that go above just offering the living wage. Each year they usually come out with a pride collection and this year was no different with super cute rainbow undies in all sorts of fits.

A queer owned art brand selling prints, pins, and more! As someone who used to collect badges I honestly have to stop myself buying them all... they're all queer themed and beautiful!

A queer owned, sustainable brand XYST UGLI sells a range of t shirts, prints. Each base garment is thrifted and hand printed on with size ranges from XXS-4X. Plus each tee is made to order, customisable and really damn affordable for sustainable pieces. I love them.

Femme Forte
A small, queer, sustainable brand based in London Femme Forte make a range of bags and t-shirts with tees ranging from XS-XXL. I own their "femininity is genderless" t shirt and I love it, it's so soft and comfy! Plus with 10% of sales going to help build an LGBTQ+ centre in London your money is going to a good cause too.

Black Queer Magic
BQM is a, Black queer owned, handmade jewellery brand, selling everything from massive two finger rings, to custom pride pieces, to crystal necklaces, to septum rings, all made by Vanessa B Miller. The pieces are beautiful, and along with making pieces to sell Vanessa also runs workshops, and offers custom pieces too.

The Series NY
The Series are another brand that I've featured on the blog before, I love their work! They sell beautiful reworked and vintage pieces, handmade in New York, they're all genderless and unique.

Stitch Guy
Stitch Guy makes beautiful gay embroidered pieces, some very intricate art. He also accepts custom orders.

Flavnt are an LGBTQ+ streetwear brand based in Austin. They sell a range of tees, coords, and binders in a range of skin tones. They use small and local businesses wherever they can to make their products and their binders are made by a local manufacturer in Texas.

Radimo is a US based gender fluid market place selling a range of amazing pieces (including ones by brands on this list). With all pieces made by marginalised individuals that are more affordable than your average sustainable gender free lines they're an accessible place to shop. Plus they offer consulting services for brands too. I love all the pieces they feature on their site.

Otherwild are a studio, and store that sell pieces from a range of artists, with a lot of queer art pieces, homewear, accessories, and clothing I really struggled to pick which few to feature on here because their was so much great stuff! Each piece on their store is made with care by individuals, and a lot of it is pretty gay.

Bowtie Behaviour
Bowtie behaviour is a Black owned, handmade bowtie brand based in the Bronx, New York. They have a range of bow ties, pocket and pocket squares (including reversible ones) in lots of bright prints. Super cool.

Your local pride organisation
If you have a pride in your area selling merch, consider buying from them! I've seen a lot of pride events switch over to ethical and sustainable manufacturing, such as Northern Pride, and you help to keep a local pride event going through these difficult times. You can also buy tees from local charities too (as long as you're actually going to end up wearing them.

Also consider just donating money straight to LGBTQ+ charities this month if you want your money do some good but aren't feeling the merch side of things.

If you want to learn more about my "Who Made My Pride Merch Campaign?" then click here. There are lots of ways you can get involved with holding the not so queer or ethical brands accountable for their exploitation and I'd love to see you involved.

Have any brands to add? let me know in the comments below.
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