You may have seen that last week I posted a review of a camera I made. I's had the Lomo Konstruktor kit sitting in my cupboard for years and finally go around to making it, and in that post I promised photos, well that's what we're here for today!

All of these photos were taken on my Lomo Konstruktor, made my me, and developed at home. A very DIY affair. There were lots of overlaps due to a fix on the winding mechanism on this camera, leading to some pretty interesting shots. Overall it was a lot of fun so here today I present you with the photos I took on that camera during a daily walk in lockdown. Enjoy!

P.S there's also a video I made documenting this that I recommend watching!

A very out there NHS sign
Catching up over garden walls
Penarth Pier looking pretty

Another NHS Poster
A not so interntional double exposure
Super Market Queues
A quiet town centre
Seafront chip shops: closed

Lots of bikes on the sea front
A van thanking the NHS
Free stuff and pretty trees
I attempted to take a picture of a man with an ice cream, the car had other ideas

 down to the beach
 a family by the sea
A closed park
A man enjoying his chips by the beach
 There's a cat in this picture
Heading home
More conversations over garden walls

me, hello!
My uncropped scans
And that concludes trying out a camera I made myself! I had quite a lot of fun doing this, and would like to shoot again in colour on the camera, and also maybe shoot lockdown again (though it is getting a lot busier out and about). I hope you're faring ok wherever you are in the world and enjoyed these black and white images of my town in lockdown.

If you want to read my review of this DIY camera, and see a video of me making it, I recommend my last post and I will see you soon for more sustainability content!