There's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now and all the news seems to be talking about is well, coronavirus. And I for one am sick of that being all I'm seeing on the news, I'm currently sick and haven't got much energy to do much and am just bombarded constantly by it. It's draining and not helpful for people's mental health and so, I thought I would search for some news that isn't infected and that will bring a bit of light to your day!

It did take a while to find these news stories, not going to lie, I had to actively scour the internet for any sort of good news but here are some things to lighten your day. Oh and if you want more where this came from I'm now dedicating every Monday on my instagram to good news, where people can submit new stories big or small to my stories and we can all be reminded of good things!

"Wonder Chicken": Oldest Fossil of Modern Bird Discovered
A 66.8-66.7 million year old bird fossil is the oldest discovered, uncovered in Belgium this bird lived with the dinosaurs just before the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit. It's also very close to a common ancestor of today's ducks and chickens.

The Australian Bush Fires are Under Control
This story is actually over a month old now, but I hadn't heard it until someone submitted it on my instagram stories. But it's good news, for people and wildlife. People can rebuild, wildlife can begin to recover, and hopefully steps will be implemented to stop the fires being so severe next year.
Planning applications for UK clean energy projects hit new high
Great news for the future of clean energy in the UK, as it becomes more profitable it inevitable gets more investment. There were 269 applications in 2019, the highest yet, and this number is expected to continue to rise. A bit of hope for the future.

Internet famous grandma gets Animal Crossing villager named after her
Animal Crossing New horizons arrives tomorrow (very exciting news in itself) but to add to that is the wholesome news that an 88 year old who became famous for playing the game has had a villager named after her. Audie the Wolf.

'Dogs have a magic effect': how animals can improve our mental health. 
I think most people are aware of how good animals can be for their owners mental health, even cat pictures on social media brighten people's days, and this article delves into the science. Turns out we have similar feelings towards out pets as we would to our children, and animals are more than ever being used in mental health therapies.

Best National Trust Parklands  to Visit right now - For Free
Ok so this one isn't so virus free, the national trust have opened many of their parks and gardens for free for those of us self isolating so that we can still go out and enjoy nature and get some exercise. But this is great news and a reminder to take care of yourself and get some fresh air.
Japan tapping into "omotenashi" spirit to welcome vegan visitors
Good news for veggies and vegans in Japan, which doesn't have a good reputation for being veggie friendly (though it is possible to be vegan in Japan). Omotenashi is Japanese hospitality and this is being extended to vegan visitors as Japanese lawmakers founded an association to promote veggie and vegan services, including a map. I'll be excited to try lots of vegan food on my next trip to Japan.

NL produced more sustainable energy than coal for the first time
Another green energy win! Energy production via coal fell, and sustainable energy production rose, good stuff. Though this story is not perfect as they increased their use of natural gas for energy production (though this does produce less CO2 than coal).

Do you have any positive news stories to share? Let me know in the comments and let's share some good vibes~ Stay safe my friends.

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