Nuud gifted me the products to try in this review but all opinions are my own. 
I've been on the hunt for a Natural and eco-friendly deodorant that works for me for a long time now. I still use some not very eco and probably not very good for me deodorant because I am a smelly being who sweats a lot, that's the honest truth.

A few months ago nuud reached out to me and asked if I would try out their anti-odorant and I was super excited. It's a different kind of "deodorant" where instead of masking the smell or trying to stop you sweat it actually stops the bacteria which makes your sweat smell. With claims of only needing to be used every 2-7 days and not having to reapply after showing I was super excited to give it a go.

Micro silver is used as a natural anti-bacterial to stop you getting smelly, and their sugarcane tube make them a more environmentally friendly option compared to a lot of conventional deodorant. So I definitely felt compelled to try this innovative and sustainable anti-odor fix!
So it arrived, I watched the introductory video on how to use nuud effectively, made sure I had some freshly washed clothes and got to work wearing it.

There's a detoxing time of a couple of days so I did this while I was off work and was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting to be super smelly but by the end of the day there was only a faint hint of my body odour. Still not ideal, but not much of a detox!

But sadly that was as good as it got, I used it every day for about a month and at the end of every day I smelt! Some days worse than others and I never smelt horrific but I still could definitely smell my sweat. And having to pit wash every evening to then reapply nuud just wasn't all that practical.

It was definitely better than wearing no deodorant and significantly better than a lot of natural deodorants I've tried. It was definitely working, but it wasn't effective enough for me to say I'm going to keep on using it.
What's my verdict? Well it works! But not effectively enough for me...

This was super easy, just a pea sized amount of the product on your finger to spread on your pits, I did find it wasn't the easiest to spread but it was fine. Definitely different to conventional deodorant.

The smell of nuud is also pretty neutral, it has a faint smell but nothing too noticeable.

It comes in a cardboard box with a tube made from sugar canes which means it's biodegradable! A step up from plastic but it just says recyclable on the package and doesn't say whether they're compostable or where they should go! So I'm not sure of the best way to dispose of it.

As I said above it definitely works, it just doesn't work well enough for me to keep using it. By the end of each day I am smelly(though admittedly not massively), and I wake up the next day smelling more. I tried it for a month and it didn't improve and so I can't say I really want to stick at smelling every day for more than that time! Plus nuud isn't super cheap, if I had to apply it every 3-7 or so days then it would be good value for money but more than once a day? Not really...

I have been told that I should try washing my t shirt at 60 degrees and ironing the pits to make sure any old bacteria that could be living on my clothes is gone, so I'll try that on a couple of shirts and get back to you!

Sadly this one isn't the one. That doesn't mean it won't work for you though, and I will be gifting extra tubes I currently own to my friends so they can give it a go too!

Have you tried nuud? What did you think of it? Any other natural and eco deodorants I should try?