As many of you probably know 20th and 27th of September are the Global Climate strikes, a world wide protest against the lack of action on climate change. Held on Fridays to coincide with school strikes across the world the first one, last Friday, was huge. Millions of people across the world, from Australia, to Afghanistan, to Uganda, and the USA marched and protested to demand more action on climate change. I went along to the local strike here in Nottingham, and it was amazing, awe inspiring.
Sadly, I only got to be part of the event for about half an hour as (ironically) I had to get to work, it was my third day at a new job so I couldn't exactly strike. I wish I could have stayed all day, the atmosphere was just amazing, I had goosebumps at one of the first speeches because it just was so powerful, but also pretty devastating. It was also amazing walking around and seeing so many people I knew in Nottingham, friendly faces are amazing to see when you turn up to events like this alone.

But alas I could not be there all day, truly striking. I did, however, get a lot of pictures and so here I am to show you what Nottingham's climate protest looked like. Sadly I can't bottle atmosphere and comradery but I tried to capture some of it in these images.
Though the protest was amazing and awe inspiring and all of the rest of it, I think Tolly put it best when she said 
We shouldn't feel proud yet - because we don't need pride; we need action - but I do want to feel pride in the future. I want to look back and remember the world uniting because we are fighting for our lives and for the lives that have already been lost due to the *current* climate crisis.⁣

This will not end here. We will keep going whether it's in minor actions or in major ones. This is for all of us. KEEP GOING! 💚⁣
It would be easy to sit back and go "look at what we've done, isn't this amazing?" but we need to ask the question, what's next? And more action is exactly what needs to be next, we can't slow down with what we're doing now. Huge systematic change needs to happen and so we need more people worldwide doing more of this, as Greta said in New York, we need to do the "seemingly impossible"
So yes more of this please, more of people taking action on climate change, more of people demanding action from their governments, more world wide protest and outrage over the state of our world. More protecting indigenous people, animals, and ecosystems. more preserving the planet for future generations, more going back to nature, less consumption, less waste, less unnecessary shit!

It is far from over, our fight to save ourselves and keep our planet liveable, but this has given me some hope at the very least.