If you've been following me for a while you may know that I mostly second hand, I love trawling through charity shops and vintage stores to find gems and bargains. I'm not someone who love shopping but I do love second hand shopping, there's something so much more satisfying about it.

Now I've found gems all over the place, dresses for £1 that I've worn night after night, unique skirts,  and generally just clothes that I basically live in. Second hand fashion is also generally inherintely both sustainable and ethical, giving a second life to clothes that would otherwise end up in landfill. Wonderful things. But when I walked I found these shops in a vintage shop in Notts it was like they'd been put there for me, it was a weird feeling and something happened that I never thought would happen in my life of vintage shopping.

Shirt - We Are Cow
Bra - Missguided (Old, Not Ethically Made)
Sliders - Some Random Shop in Portugal

I found the shorts for a two piece, in a different vintage shop, and a year after buying the shirt. Ok so they don't match exactly, they're the same pattern but in slightly different colour way, but still. What are the chances?

I kind of like that they don't quite match, it adds a little bit of extra to the outfit? People will wonder if it's on purpose that I've bought a shirt and shorts that almost match. and I guess it kind of is. Plus the shorts have pockets, proper pockets!!! What more could you ask for.

I'm dubious as to how ethical these sliders are though. Whilst I was in Portugal I lost a trainer (yep, one single trainer), and then hurt my foot meaning I couldn't wear my flip-flops so I needed new footwear, fast, and reasonably priced. I came across these sliders that said "Made in Portugal" on them, for only 5 Euros, a little suspicious. And it's entirely possible that they were made in a sweat shop in china and then sent to Portugal to just have the "Comfort" applique added - or something similar - so they could then say they were in fact made in Portugal. Who knows? I don't, and that's the problem with these labels, and generally buying things on the go, you don't quite know what you're getting. But they did me well for 5 euros, I walked the equivalent of a marathon distance in two days wearing them (more on that in a later post), and though they broke a little they were fixable and I still wear them frequently. They're true to their label too, pretty comfortable.

Shop similar to this look:
All items listed are from ethical, sustainable, or vintage brands. (Click pictures for products)

 Back to the outfit and I'm pretty sure I offended some locals wearing this out, I didn't realise quite until I took these pictures how much my boobs really are on show but I'm also pretty sure I don't really care. Plenty of men were out in parks topless and so I should be allowed to show my chest flesh too without offending people.

It was so hot out when I took these and this was the perfect outfit, I could take the shirt of and use it to lie on while I read my book in the shade, and I could dance around in an empty field quite happily in comfy, baggy shorts. I did also get a little sunburnt but that's my own fault for forgetting suncream.
I've got to be honest, I found it really difficult to find sets like this online which weren't pyjamas (hence why one of the ones I shared above is pyjamas). Have you had any amazing vintage finds recently?