My housemates always like to find fun jokey reasons why I'm "not actually a vegan", and one that they like to use from time to time is condoms, seems to be a favourite, but it has actually made me realise that I have never seen vegan condoms and I wasn't really aware it was a thing? I guess it's something I never thought of, if I wanna have safe sex I'm gunna go buy condoms from a reputable brand who’s condoms  I know are going to work and I'd never really even thought about how condoms aren't vegan.

It wasn't until an ad on facebook a little while ago appeared for vegan, ethically made condoms came up was I like "hey wait a minute!" and realised a) condoms really are not vegan and b) there's an alternative. My bad.

But as I've had a good think, and a good research, today I'm going to be talking about all the types of vegan and ethically made condoms out there! This is a big list, bigger than any I found in my research so hopefully it'll be helpful. But first some helpful information

Why aren't normal condoms vegan?
Most condoms are made of latex, and to make these nice and smooth (as you'd want them) they use a milk derivative called casein to process the latex. Not so good for vegans.

This does mean that a lot of non-latex condoms, like durex's latex free condoms, are vegan but Durex do sell in China where it is required by law to test on animals. Plus I also want to make sure the things I use are ethically and sustainable made, where possible.

Also a lot of large brand condoms contain lubes which a lot of people tend to find cause irritation and even allergic reactions, aside from the latex, and can lead to a higher risk of yeast infections. Plus condoms with spermicidal lube have been proven to increase the risk of Unrinary tract infections, especially if you’re prone to them (I know this too well.) So even if you're not a vegan, if you use main brand condoms and have problems with any of these then you might want to try making a switch!

So if you are looking to switch here are some condoms that are vegan, ethically made and probably kinder to your genitals too.

Condoms that plant trees! Not only are these condoms vegan, as well as ethically and sustainably made, they are also CO2 negative. With over 27 billion condoms bought every year, if a tree was planted for each one we would be well one the way to combating deforestation, and that's releaf's goal. By partnering with Eden Reforestation projects they're working directly with communities suffering from extreme poverty to plant trees and improve lives.

They only need 0.03% of the global condom market to plant 10 million trees by 2025, but they need some help getting off the ground. They're currently running an indegogo campaign to place their first bulk order to get them started so be one of the first to support them, buy some condoms, and plant some trees! And if you don't want condoms? You can just opt to plant trees, it's £4 for 9 which is a pretty good deal to me.

Vegan | Ethically Made | CO2 negative |

Marketed as the "world's most luxurious condom" HANX are condoms designed to empower women to take control of their own sexual health, sold online as well as in lingerie stores, yoga studios, hairdressers. They're Vegan Society approved, Fair Rubber approved, and CE certified so you know you're getting something that is fair, vegan, and will do its job, They also offer a subscription service so you can get your condoms delivered to your door monthly, discretely, and with free shipping to the UK. They even have a blog on their website talking about amazing women, contraception, sexual health and more. Sadly though, for those with latex allergies, they don't offer latex free condoms.

Vegan | Fairtrade | Discreetly packaged | Made in Germany |

Price US: Variety Pack $35, 36 Pack $25, 12 pack $14, 3 pack $5
Aptly named, Sir Richars offer a very wide range of condoms, including ribbed, dotted and extra large condoms, they even do variety packs if you want to mix it up a bit! They’re vegan (peta approved) and responsibly produced and as part of their responsibility promise they have a "buy one, give one" scheme and is partner of AIDS charity (RED). You can read more about their work helping with sexual health across the globe on their FAQ. Again, Sir Richard do not produce latex free condoms, but many people with adverse reactions to condoms have reactions to the chemicals used in most big brands, which Sir Richard's don't use

Along with making condoms Sir Richard's also makes a large range of sex toys, bondage gear and lubricants. Most of these are designed for use by men, with other men, but there are products women could use too. The lubes all have great  names and they also do oral sex spray and mints, which I had no idea were a thing, though I'm not 100% sure whether these are vegan or not.

It’s unclear whether Sir Richard's own website ships to the UK but if you're in the UK you can buy them on Amazon and Biovea.

Vegan | Responsibly Produced | Large Range | Gives Back | Spermicide Free |
I talked about Sustain back in my post about making your period more ethical and sustainable and they're back, because they make condoms too. Sustain make ultra think condoms in three different sized which are fair trade, certified vegan and cruelty free, and also certified gluten free, as well as free from lots of nasty things in other condoms. Their aim is to make products, including condoms, that are better and safer for your vagina as well as better for mother nature and the people producing them. Plus 10% of all of their profits go to helping women in the US who lack access to reproductive and sexual health care.

Along with their condoms Sustain has a range of sanitary products as well as their own vegan lubes and wipes. They've got a lot of aspects covered. I'm not sure, however, if they currently ship outside of the US but if you're not in the US you can buy their products from Free People, Amazon, and lots of other online retailers.

Vegan | Fairtrade | Gluten Free | Gives Back |

Price: Depends on product, they have large range
Glyde are a company that were making vegan before “sustainable” and “natural” were marketing tactics, making cruelty free condoms ethically for over twenty years, that’s a pretty good track record. They’re a certified B. Corp company and have many global outreach programmes to promote good sexual health across the world. Plus their packaging is made from recycled materials. Oh and they offer “size testing” packs with different sizes of their condoms so you can find the right sizing., they have a range of lubricants available, and vegan leather condom cases to keep them safe.  Not only this, they also sell dental dams which I will talk more about towards the end of this post.

You can buy these on amazon, my condom and condom outlet.

Vegan | Fair Trade | Ethical | Sustainable | Certified B. Corp | Gives Back |
Just like Sustain, L. make all sorts of feminine hygiene products indluding three different types of condoms. All of their condoms are ethically and sustainably made, as well as cruelty-free and vegan, their brand focuses on leaving shame behind and supporting women as agents of change and development. Every purchase of an L. product is matched in an area that needs them, but they’re not just some western saviour handing out freebies that aren’t helping long term. They work with female entrepreneurs and help women work to make their own incomes.

Their three types of condom are the Classic, Ultra thin, and ribbed. They’re designed to be sensitive on skin and are extra lubed, though I’m not sure whether it’s spermicidal or not. They’ve got rave reviews on their website and a subscription service so you can get them delivered quarterly and save up to 40%.

Currelty L. only ship to the US, and I can only find them on US sites, maybe they’ll expand worldwide soon.
Vegan | Ethically Made | Extra Lubed | Range of Condoms | Gives Back |
Fair squared are a company  based in Gernamy which specialises in fair trade products, from shower gel to sun cream to condoms. They have a large range of condoms, including lubeless condoms, which are both vegan and fair trade, with rubber produced fairly in Sri Lanka and condoms manufactured  in Germany. They even do a handy little condom dispenser box if you want to keep that on your bedside table too.

Fair Squared work with partners all over the world to create a huge range of fair trade products and are working to expand their range to support more farmers and producers with fair trade

Vegan | Fairtrade | Made in Germany | Range of Condoms |

These guys don’t market as a vegan condom, but they are, and they’re also latex free! And due to their packaging they’re designed to actually be kept in your wallet without being damaged and comes with applicator tabs (though I’m not sure how they work). Designed to be hypoallergenic they’re perfect for people with latex allergies. They’re not available in many places, however, as they produce in small batches to ensure high quality. Sadly I can’t find much information about whether they’re ethically or sustainable made though, I thought I'd include them for you latex allergy sufferers (though there are some other brands on this list who also do latex free).

Vegan | Latex Free |

Lovability are a sexual health and happiness company selling condoms, lube, and self spray in the US. . They also donate to planned parenthood with every purchase helping women in the US access safe sexual health and family planning services which are in short supply in many states.

Their packaging is fun, youthful and is designed to start an open conversation about sex. Along with buying individual products they sell gift sets with all you need for good fun safe sex. Oh and cute condom tins with feminist slogans on them - now that’s my kinda condom.

Along with their website you can buy their condoms on dollskill, but I haven't yet found anywhere outside the US that sells them.

FDA Approved | Vegan | Ethically made | Feminist Brand |

Prices vary
Condomi are vegan society approved latex condoms, that are made in germany. They are the cheapest condoms on this list at 100 for around £24 with individual condoms at 30p each.  They have a large france from thin, to XXL, to ones that help you last longer.

can’t seem to find a website they themselves have for their products but you can buy them at condom outlet, amazon, my condom, and British condoms.

Vegan | Made in Germany | Good Value for Money | Large Range |

This is a late edition as I discovered this brand later (thank you to the two people who recommended them)! They're a German brand with 100% vegan condoms and a fairstainable approach to business. What is faristainable you ask? Well, fair trade an sustainable of course. And they're transparent about it, with a report every year so they can keep getting better, everything I love in a brand. They even do gift boxes that are dinosaur themed, I know I'm easily pleased when there's dinosaurs involved but I think that's pretty darn cool! And in this gift box you not only get condoms but little penis and vagina stamps too? Yay for sex positivity!

They unfortunately only ship to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland from their online shop but are available across continental Europe in stores, and also on Amazon if you're outside of those countries.

Vegan | Fairstainable | Transparent Business | Really cool designs |

Dental dams
I wanted to add this in here because as someone who is queer I know that LGBT sex education isn't something that is well taught, or something people are well aware of (even I'm not a caught up as I should be. As i'm talking about condoms I have to add in dental dams too. If you don't know what they are, they're to protect against STIs and STDs during oral sex on a vagina, and though I only found one brand making ethically made vegan versions I had to add these in too.

As well as their condoms Glyde do flavoured dental dams including strawberry, wild berry, cola, and vanilla. These you can also buy on amazon and my condom.

But if you don't have any dental dams you can make them yourself out of condoms, just roll the condom out, cut off both ends, then along the side and voila, you have yourself a ready to use dental dam for all your safe oral sex needs.

So that’s it for vegan condoms, I’m sure there are more out there, and if you know of any then let me know and I’ll add them to the list! Hopefully some of you found this useful! I’m interested in trying some spermicide free condoms and seeing if they help me stop getting UTIs, I might make a post on that in the future? Not sure it's really in the realm of this blog. Anyways I'll be back very soon with less intimate content. If you're interested in more health and beauty posts then head over to that tag!