Now I know that this blog is all about affordability and ethical fashion, most of the time, but as it's velantine's soon I am thinking about underwear and stalking brands on instagram (as you do), mainly creepyyeha and wishing I could dress up like Yeha Leung every day.  Just walk around in a mix of lingerie and clothing that just looks so damn good! And so I found myself stumbling across all sorts of amazing ethical lingerie brands that are just slightly out of my price range, however if I am ever rich, or famous enough to be gifted all sorts of ethical goodies, I guess these are the places I'd love to shop in. As materialistic as that sounds I just really really love pretty underwear, everyone has their vices I guess? One of mine is finding unique second hand pieces but you can't really do that with underwear.

And as it is nearly Valentine's day I thought it was the perfect time to share this post, whether you're treating yourself or your friends this galentines day, or having a cute romantic one with your partner (or both, do both!) it's a good time to treat yourself to some lingerie you can feel freaking cute in. And to invest in ethically made pieces you can love for a long time. I chose more luxury brands because these have some pretty amazingly unique pieces which I just wanted to share, to inspire with I suppose? I will be doing a post with more everyday affordable pieces soon enough.

So enjoy this luxury list of ethical lingerie brands, I will also be doing an affordable version but first I wanted to admire the artistry and uniqueness of these slightly more upmarket brands. Warning a lot of this is NSFW,
Price: £30+  underwear, £60+  Bras
Marie Yat aims to merge sexy lingerie with seamless underwear, something done wonderfully in their collections. Conciously made in china and with untouched lookbooks, including stretchmarks and all, that don't pander to the male gaze it's definitely a refreshing brand worth checking out. 
Price: $100+
I mentioned earlier wanting to wander round every day dressed like Yeha Leung, well it helps that she owns her own store. Everything is designed and handmade by her which means custom sizing and pieces you can only get in one place. Her work is incredible, I've been following her for years and there's virtually nothing she's made that I wouldn't want. She's had clients such as FKA Twigs and Sunmi , to name only a few, and when I have $1000 dollars I want to splash then I am definitely getting the Jenette skirt, maybe one day.

Tableaux Viviants
Price: $125+
A luxury latex brand, I've seen a lot of latex pieces before -though never owned any- but I have never seen any made quite like TV's collections, they're unique, and pretty damn beautiful. Handmade in Brooklyn, New York their pieces run from sexy to almost absurd, and I love it.

The End Lingerie
Price: $69+
Eco conscious, edgy garments made from organic cotton, inspired by body piercings. A lot of their garments have really unique metal motifs on them, resembling nipple piercing, but outside you're underwear, so if you want the look but you're too scared to commit  to body piercings they're the brand for you! I also love how a lot of their images are taken with a scanner and also feature un-airbushed, un-altered bodies including body hair, skin folds and tattoos which is what all brands should be like.

Price: $80AUD+
Tealecoco make genderless, powerful pieces all hand-cut and made sustainably in Melbourne, Australia. With lingerie pieces, a whole lot of harnesses and even a clothing range, Tealecoco aims to promote unique beauty in every form and can custom make any piece for any one. Their harnesses aren't quite my style but they're definitely awesome, personally I love their clothing collection which could probably be worn as lingerie or outerwear.
Cristina Aielli
Price: €250+
Now this is way quite high on the price list, couture lingerie, but it was just too beautiful not to share, they're really the lingerie that dreams are made of. Only founded in 2015 Cristina Aielli's lingerie brand is one that has had amazing success, and it's not hard to see why. All of the pieces are made to measure, and can be custom made, you can even have them tailored in your own home, though I think that's slightly out of a lot of people's budget. I find myself sat here weighing up the price of a holiday or her lingerie and it's a tough choice...

Hopeless Lingerie 
Price: $35AUD+
Hopeless Lingerie call themselves a "lingerie brand with a  difference" and are all about buying cute underwear to wear for yourself, which I can always get behind.  Hopeless LIngerie do custom orders and  custom sizes,  and if you want to treat someone else but don't know what to get you can buy a gift voucher! With a huge range of edgy lingerie and a whole lot of harnesses I personally love their collections.. They're not as "luxury" or expensive as the rest on this list but I discovered them researching for this post and fell in love, so couldn't help but add them.

That's it for now on ethical Lingeire, are there any ethical underwear brands you love? Or ones you wish you could afford even? I personally love that more and more brands are coming out of the woodwork who are wonderfully made, empowering for the wearer and ethically made. Hope you have a lovely Valentines day, Galentines day, or just a great week if you're celebrating none of that stuff.

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