A few weekends ago one of my favourite days of the year was upon us, and for the third year I was off to Pride Cymru, for the third year me and my friend rand to find the start of the parade, and for the third year I mainly took pictures of dogs. Wonderful.
This year's parade was probably the best yet, though nothing can compare to my first pride when we got invited to be in the parade right at the front this was definitely pretty big and pretty damn fabulous too.

And the change of location was both good and bad, it was nice having two stages, a lot more food and also more freebies (say hell yeah to my pride bag with a freaking stegosaurus on) but the main stage was a bit too crowded and not a place you wanted to stop and chill, and all the rides being there definitely took away form the fact that this was pride.

But it was still great, I mean I had so many plans to go walk around, take pictures, I even had a video idea in mind but we set up out picnic blanket in a quiet spot next to a tree and got a bit too comfy watching cute couples walk past, dogs run around, and toddlers trying to catch bubbles. There was something nice about just chilling out on the grass in a place where you can be completely yourself which is just so relaxing and made me lose the will to want to move a little.

The after party was also as fabulous as every, the dodgems were back which made me very very happy and instead of a bucking bull they had a bucking sheep, I was shit at it but it was still a ridiculous amount of fun. You know it's a good night when both you and your friend say "let's have an early one tonight" and you actually don't end up in bed with your burger king until 4am, it was damn good. The banging tunes came on after midnight and we made some new friends and danced all of the gay anthems, from the YMCA to Britney to Tainted love it was wonderful. Though all the photos are on film and I have yet to get that developed so you'll have to stick around for august in compact for those. I wish pride came round more than once a year but hey, maybe next year I have to just go to more than one!

And that was Pride Cymru 2017, definitely will aim to go to more next year, do you have a favourite pride? Or one you've always wanted to go to?