It's september! August actually seemed to go really slowly for me but now September is steaming by and because it's a new (ish) month it's time to reflect on July through my film photos.

July was a ridiculously busy month to say the least. I started the month just chilling out in my home town getting things together, having an explore and then it was visiting my sister, bluedot  festival, home to just sleep for a week and then I was off to wonderful Cuba for two weeks (which I took like no film photos of but shhh). What a magical month.
 You can tell all the students are going home.

 The things you find exploring behind museums...
 Do you think I should tell the museum they have a dinosaur on their roof?

 eyy, time to go have an adventure
 he looks displeased but flash is enjoying the sun
I promise hes still alive, again just enjoying the sun 
 Buffy looking very grumpy but also very adorable
 there's a cat in here somwhere
 blurry lion cat
 snug as a bug in a rug, an Izzy in a sleepingbag
 an infrared protrait
 Emma getting her arms marbled
 The delorean
 wish tree
 Pixies are somewhere in this

 Plastic Mermaids

 an awful lot of yarn?
blurry alt J
 I can't even remember where I took mthis
 grumpy cat cleaning self
 cat demanding attention
guy in Cuba holding lots of cake 
 can you guess where we are?
 temporary camera pack horse
 Trinidad is pretty
 interesting decor
 had to have a picture of a Cuban car somewhere in here
 only noticed this very pretty building like the 6th time walking down this street
 sad I never went in one of these pod tuk tuk things
 inside a classing car
 my last hotel in Cuba... with a bloodstain under the wardrobe, v reassuring
So that's July 2017, it was tiring and hard work at times but also a ridiculous amount of fun, now bring on big changes in September, I look forward to them.

Good things that happened in July:
- I met an awful lot of cats
- Saw my sister
- met up with old  friends
- made new friends
- spent two weeks in Cuba
- Experienced my first Carnaval
- learned to salsa (ish)
- rode in a classic car
- saw how cigars are made
- went to a cave rave (not quite rave but cave party/club isn't the same)
- learnt more spanish
- saw wild flamingos!
- Found a really great place in Cardiff to develop my film
- soaked up a lot of sun
- had a ridiculous amount of fun
And probably a whole lot more that I have forgotten happened right now, Jeez it was a busy one and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. 
Thanks July.