Like I said in my last post, most of the new 'looks' I've been wearing have been festivaly, because I've either been at festivals, in Cuba wearing the normal boring stuff I do when I travel, or in bed (or in a dressing gown/leggings lounging around). And I love festival fashion so Green Man (post to come once I get my film developed) gave me another excuse to flex my festival fashion muscles and dress a little outrageously.
Ant that meant wearing these corduroy harem pants outside for the first time. It was the perfect opportunity and I loved every second of it. Saying that these photos weren't taken at Green Man and walking to the location to shoot these photos I was wearing jeans on top of the glorious trousers... I don't feel I can really wear them outside day to day even though I love them.

Crop top - Old
Crochet Bralette - Art Market in Cuba (similarsimilar)
Corduroy Harem Pants - Market in India (smilar, similar)
Boots - Doc Marten
all links are to ethical/sustainable brands and items, some may be affiliate links
So I feel like I should talk a little more about these trousers, because they're a unique piece that I never thought I would actually buy. At £2 I wasn't too bothered about never wearing them I just kind of thought I needed to own them??? And yes I know that's not very sustainable or ethical but at the same time I knew I would never find anything like them again and I think a part of me knew that one day they would find their place in the world (whilst on my body). I searched the internet for the magic that is these trousers but alas I could only find a few fairly similar items. If you're desperate maybe search some stalls in Pushkar but I give no guarantees.
I did look like proper festival scum in these and my cropped poncho on the way to the toilets at 10am with greasy hair and face covered in glitter and last night's makeup, it was glorious.

And then there's the bralette which I found in an art market in Cuba, it's a little bit broken and there's no way I would wear it without a top underneath (my boobs don't remotely stay in one place while wearing it) but I do love it, the green stitching in it is just very much me. I may replace the back fastening with a zip and stitch the cups up slightly so maybe I can wear it on it's own? But it's at the back of my up-cycling projects I've never done, I'll get started on those one day.

 I also ended up going a little bit funky for the editing, I started out with one plan, that turned into another which then evolved into something different again. Oh the joys of editing, I mean I did have a lot of fun and now have ideas for future projects so I guess it was a few hours well spent.
It had been a while since I'd been out and about photo taking and I always forget how much I love it and also how time consuming it is, but that is it for now I need to go eat some food and then pack as I'm off for a mini adventure to London in the Morning. Have a wonderful week!