If you've been here before you might notice that some things have changed. If not, hello! You're here at an exciting time.
 I have been blogging for over 4 years now and have grown and learnt a lot over that time, but I don't feel like blog was still reflecting me, it wasn't how I wanted it. I had some posts I loved how they were written, they reflected me, but I was scared to write more of that sort of stuff because it wasn't comfortable. It was new, it was change. But I want this space to be grow too, through taking a few writing risks, and making better content for my readers and myself.

So this is about having a better muccycloud. I've always grown up wanting to do my little bit for the world and now I want my blog to be doing that too. Over the past year or so I've been slowly transitioning to a more conscious way of living, through ethical fashion, conscious travel, veganism and being more aware of my consumption and impact on the world. And with that little by little this space has changed too with more posts about my changing attitude towards myself and the world.
But now it's time for a big leap, a big change. I've been working a lot harder at working at writing and putting out more content I'm happy with as well as working on redesigning this space with features to hopefully grow this site into something bigger and better. I have previous content I am very happy with (I mean I'm using photos from 2 years ago in this post) but I want to to be proud of every post.

So my content has been changing, and will continue to grow. I'm no longer scared to write about what I believe in. And part of that is thanks to the wonderful team at Love From Berlin, which I'm a part of. Having someone to constructively criticise my work and give me specific topics to write about has challenged me a lot and I've grown a lot, so thank you Rae for believing in me and giving me a chance to be a part of your team!
The biggest change has been my homepage which you may notice now has "lists" on them, these are three lists, Ethical Fashion, Sustainable Travel, and Cruelty-Free beauty. All of these lists have brands and companies that are making the world a better place for the people making goods, for animals and the environment. They're not too big at the moment but as I discover more about the world of living more ethically stuff will be added.
It's still just me and my camera working on this site, though the wonderful Mina from Underline Designs helped me make my web design a reality. I'm still here, working at trying to get a physics degree as well as run a site I'm super proud of (and not afraid to say that). 

I hope you enjoy the changes, and if you're new here I hope you stick around! Let me guys know what you think, is there anything you'd really like to see from the new site? Any content you'd really love to see? I'd love to know.

Exciting times lie behind but even more exciting times lie ahead.