I have had many people, who have known me very well, tell me that I would absolutely love Hong Kong, and they weren't wrong.

My burn out followed from Halong bay and Hoi An and into Hong Kong, and I'll admit that I did spend a lot of my time napping. But I explored a bit too. I'd say I went out for an hour or two, then chilled and napped for an hour or two, and that was my four days there.

From shopping at some amazing second hand places, eating the best veggie food, and visiting the museum, I did a bit of exploring. Though not nearly enough, I definitely have to go back (and preferably before my octopus card runs out because I forgot to return it).

I'd definitely check out the History museum if you go, it has a lot of the cultural history of Hong Kong which I was completely oblivious too and it's just beautiful in there. Maybe I'm biased because I love learning about cultural history but it's free entry so you're definitely not wasting any money.

I am so glad about the ease of getting around, I never felt anxious or worried about being there and I always knew that I'd just have to find an MTR stop to find my way back to my hostel. The perfect place for a weekend away on your own, well for me anyway.
And everything is on top of eachother, intertwined, and slotted in, perfectly together. I just love the way the whole place looks.

I even managed to find the street my Dad used to live on, maybe I'll drag him along as a tour guide next time.

Oh and try Soo Veggi, I ate there 3 or 4 times in my four days because it was round the corner from my hostel and the food was soo good (very bad pun intended).

I will be back soon HK, I promise.