I sign myself up for a lot. My parents warned me at the start of the year that settling into Uni and keeping up this site would not be something I'd find easy, or probably possible, and as far as first term was concerned they were right. It was a struggle and a half, I didn't feel at home, I had panic attacks all the time, I was pretty depressed, I spent a large part of my life asleep and things just weren't going well. But this term I've been almost more consistent than ever, with posting twice a week (even if some posts are a day or two late sometimes). Not only that but I finally feel settled and I'm taking on even more... just before exam season (oops).

I have shared the news over on Facebook and Instagram but if you didn't already know I'm now a regular contributor for Love From Berlin, a blog that I've loved reading over the past couple of years and has inspired me so much. It's honestly an honour that Rae chose to add me to the team and I am so excited to improve my writing and create awesome content for her new blogazine. You can read my first article for the first issue right here.
Dress - Charity Shop (Similar)
Turtle Neck Bodysuit - Old Missguided (Similar)
Hair Colour - Faded Aquamarine by Arctic Fox
Not only that huge news but I'm working on one or two other projects and doing little bits to collaborate with other bloggers a lot at the moment, not just to get my blog out there a little more but also because I really really enjoy it. I love seeing how other people work on their sites and make their digital life work. I know quite a bit about photography but am definitely still a novice when it comes to writing and a lot of other aspects of blogging. so it's super cool that I'm finding ways to get myself involved with other bloggers (even if it's only tiny sometimes).
And here I am trying to do all that, keep up with this little piece of my life and also hand in projects for uni and start revising for exams.
Yet I seem to be on top of things, and extremely happy, I can happily say. Ok so there are emails I forget to send, things I end up doing last minute, and sometimes I do feel like I've maybe bitten off more than I can chew. But I'm writing for a site I love, growing my own site, making content I'm proud of and also doing pretty ok in Uni. Blissfully grateful is definitely the right word for it. It's almost a bit surreal I have to say.
I've been consistently ill for the last 6 months and I've struggled through that and just kept going, pretty sure my body is a little brokken but I'm still going. I had a 40 minute doctor's appointment talking through all the things currently wrong with my health but I just keeping on trooping, imaging how good I'm gonna feel when I'm better. Now to become even more motivated to keep all this up and get my mega revise on for my summer exams. Let's do it!
I think all of this says that I have to have a little bit more confidence in myself. I keep handing in pieces of work really scared that I'm going to have failed it, and end up coming out with a first. I'm starting to get over the mindset of believing I'm lazy (because if I was I certainly wouldn't be doing all of this) and start to say 'yeah I got this, just keep working hard'. I often worry that I'm not working hard enough, and I'll admit that after having 5 deadlines in one day a week ago I didn't actually do any uni work last week, but we all have to have a little break sometimes.
There are other positives, like this is the second set of photos I've taken out in public with people walking past and watching and I don't even care anymore! Stepping out of your comfort zone can do wonders.

So clearly I'm full of self love at the moment and I am definitely keeping this going. How are you guys doing? Anything happened you're really proud of? Working hard payed off? Stepped out of your comfort zone a little? Let me know in the comments, I'd love people to share a little self love.
Thanks for reading!