It's safe to say I'm a person who doesn't like to take themselves too seriously. Ok there are scenarios where you kind of have to, interviews, maybe meeting the Queen (a situation everyone faces), but there are a lot less than you'd think.
This photo set is one example of me deciding not to take myself seriously. It was like 8pm and zero degrees and I decided, hey let's go out and take pictures in a really short dress down an alley! Brilliant forward planning which led to me freezing my tits off (not quite literally that sounds really painfuk) and people walking by wondering what the hell I could be doing. Flash photography ( especially in the dark) is really annoying the get right and my flash gun was running out of battery meaning  had to wait at least 10 seconds between each photo, and I just couldn't get my facial expressions right so I decided to just mess about and hey here we are.

 It's a very good thing I don't take myself too seriously, because I'm a bit of a twat. And not in a way that I'm horrible to people, in a way that I'm a clumsy oaf. Which I mean that in the nicest, most endearing way of course. But honestly life is so much more fun when I'm laughing at myself. I can't really imagine how much more embarrassed I'd be or how awful I'd feel if I didn't laugh at myself when I fell over or did something that was just a little stupid.
I don't see why people find it so odd though, I remember walking up some stairs on the way to a friends house and towards the top I fell flat on my face, I sat at the top of the steps basically in tears laughing at myself. The look on the face of the person walking past me told me they thought it was really odd but I'd sit and laugh if I fell over when my friends were there so why is it any different alone?
Ok maybe, yeah, I can see why someone sat hysterically laughing alone in public is a bit weird but it isn't going to stop me.
But honestly once you learn to laugh at yourself life just becomes so much more fun, because you don't need other people around to enjoy yourself. I always go out and take my outfit photos alone but I always have the best couple of hours because it's usually me running around in front of a camera laughing at myself. It was never as much fun when I was younger and shyer and afraid of taking a photo of myself making a stupid face.
 How times have changed, this whole post is basically me taking photos of myself making stupid faces but I love that. Going out in 0 degrees to take photos in completely inappropriate clothes for the weather would really have not been much fun if I wasn't dancing round in the frost making stupid faces in front of the camera.
 This post is a little message to myself though, I have deadlines and exams just being thrown at me at the moment and I tend to get a little bit stressed and start taking myself way to seriously and actually just making myself miserable. Which I why I'm not revising for my two exams on Wednesday and am instead writing this post... this isn't partly procrastination at all.
But no I'm still trying to find a balance between fun and actually getting a degree so in between maths papers I'm gunna go dance in the rain. Exam season isn't all doom and gloom, though it is pretty damn sucky I have to say.
On another note, I got this dress for £1, yes one freaking pound!! I tell everyone who sees me in it, I'm the person who's like "Guess how much this cost?" But I am so impressed, charity shops are the way forward for shopping, I didn't even try it on and it fits perfectly, it was meant to be.
Also I didn't have a Friday post last week but I hope I will this week, Like 2 or 3 deadlines a week and exams this weeks means finding the time to edit is just a little bit harder but I will try! I have a post I've been looking forward to writing for months coming up so I want to make sure it's good, I didn't want to rush post it.
But that's it for this post, I hope you got something from it, even if it was just a laugh at me (I don't mind, I mean if i can laugh at me then other people are welcome too). Hope your week goes well, I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to exams for a few months after Friday.
Talking of which I should probably actually start my work for the day. See you guys soon!
Thanks for reading!