Isn't it weird that people consider you "lucky" for the physical genetics you have. So lucky to have inherited your dad's skinny legs, so lucky to be born with blue eyes, lucky to have a baby face that "you'll be glad of when you're older".
But apart from maybe making you look somewhat like my family members is it really such a great thing to be born with all this "luck"?

Shirt and Cardigan- COW Vintage 
Leggings - Old
Boots - Recycling Shop in HK
 I've been told I have a friendly face, a trustable face but that's just how it was made. My face looking that way doesn't mean I have those personality traits at all. That's peoples peceptions of my based on something completely out of my control. I could have a face that isn't friendly and trustable and still be both of those things.
Your kindness is not defined by the shape of your nose. Your compassion is not correlative with the shade of your skin. Your ability to make people laugh has nothing to do with your eye colour. So why put so much emphasis on it?
The Victorians used to think you could tell who was a criminal by how much their forehead stuck out or how close someones eyes were together. We laugh at them and talk about how ludicrous that is and yet...
What's in a face? A mixing together of all your ancestors faces, which is amazing and wonderful your face is a mash up of thousands of years of human history. But there's a whole lot of that and more inside your brain.
You work hard at the things you love doing,even try with the things you hate doing, you work hard at trying to make people happy and trying to give as much love to the world as you can and yet you still beat yourself up about the way your face looks? Yep, that's just as silly as those Victorians.
I'd rather be incredibly "unlucky" with my looks and be the kindest, most loving and likeable person than be perceived as "lucky" and have none of that.
There are a lot of things I consider myself lucky to have, a loving family, a peaceful life, freedom of speech and the ability to sit here and write this blog, access to education, and so so many more things. There are also a few things I consider myself more unlucky to have but I don't think that's worth dwelling on. But either way my face, and other physcial things I can really do nothing about, are things I'm going to stop considering "lucky" or "unlucky" to have and I'm going to stop other people dictating the way I look like that too.
Of course by societies beauty standards there are a few things that I do have privilege because of. But societies beauty standards are a pile of shit to be quite honest so fuck agreeing with that. There's so much more to people and their beauty than what society and advertising likes to bullshit about but I'll save that for another blog post (because I could write a whole post on it).
Love yourself, life's too short to spend it at war with yourself. There's so much more to you than how "lucky" you were born in terms of looks, work whatever you've got because it's amazing whatever it is.
Happy 2017 Everyone! Hope you're all having a lovely one so far. I have a new little project in that this year I'm going to try and take a photo every day on a compact camera so I have my lile compact 2017.
But for now I'm going back to research super massive black holes for my uni presentation... physics sounds cool sometimes

Thanks for reading!