Yes this is just a post full of pictures of baby animals, because everyone needs that in their life. I won't be talking much here so just enjoy, enjoy.

Enough cute for you? Ok so these photos were taken from my time at Costa Rica Animal Rescue Centre (as I keep talking about I mean it was amazing you can't blame me). It was a bit of a cute overload, there weren't many babies when I got there (just sloths and a monkey) but as time went on more and more tiny adorable baby animals arrived. Then after I left I saw that they'd had a baby porcupine in, like how freaking adorable is that??
But anyway if I keep talking I'll just blab on about cute things. But if you want more I have a post with just pictures of sloths here and below I've put some really cute videos (they're all only about a minute long so you have time).
Also if you like all these photos and videos and want to help the Costa Rica Animal rescue centre out you can donate to their go fund me here. Otherwise I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you again same time next week!

Thanks for reading!