Another Costa Rica post here, and after this there are only two left (sad times) but once those are posted I'll be back from South East Asia which will mean posts from ther (yaaay). I'm sure there will be a lot to come from two months of constant travel, more or less. But we're not focusing on that or where I am in the world right now (Thailand if you're interested) it's all about some sweet sweet rainforest in Costa Rica.

So basically we went to frolic in the canopies of the Costa Rican rainforest. Ok frolic is the wrong word because we were in a gondola type of thing but that was the general idea. It was beauuuitful, and we saw a wild Toucan I was so damn exited. I was, however, disappointed at the lack of tapirs, the guide said they might appear and they didn't which was very sad. Oh well I think that's a good enough excuse to go back to Costa Rica right? To see Tapirs, the answer is yes it definitely is.
We had to catch 3 buses from the Rescue Centre to get to this canopy tour which took us about 2 and a half hours; not bad. And then we got dropped off in what was pretty much the middle of nowhere on a highway with rainforest on either side, which I was both concerned and excited about. Luckily it was the right place and the bus was in fact supposed to stop there.
And apart from being slightly disappointed about not seeing wild tapirs it was a really nice day. We didn't see much other wildlife because it was a really hot day but we did see some tiny snakes. Plus there was a butterfly house which was the stuff dreams were made of, they were just everywhere. I highly recommend wearing a flower pattern shirt when going in butterfly houses as they think you're flowers and all land on you and it's beautiful.
They also had a lot of snakes and frogs in captivity (who couldn't be released for various reasons) which was cool. I didn't realise that strawberry poison dark frogs were so tiny; they're little baby frogs! I didn't get any pictures of these guys because there was serious glare on the glass enclosures they were in.
And when the day was over we were back on the highway in the middle of nowhere trying to find a place to catch the bus again. We found a truck stop just up the road and luckily the bus turned up about twenty minutes later. That's a thing I love about Costa Rican transport, as well as it being cheap, wherever you are if you flag down a bus they'll stop for you. They don't get annoyed at you either, I mean of course there are some grumpy bus drivers but no where near the levels there are in the UK. Plus transport is really cheap. You won't pay more thank like $15 for a 5 hour journey even on the day, if I wanted that in the UK on the day it'd cost me £50 on most bus companies.
So another amazing day off documented for you guys (and me, I like having things to look back on) if you're interested in looking at the place we went to their website is here. Also below is a vlog from my day in the rainforest, enjoy.

Hope you liked this post, I'll see you again next Friday, have a great week.
Thanks for reading!