Long time no see pretty people! But I finally got my hours down in work so I will have the time to blog again, happy times! Though I also have to get read for leaving to Costa Rica in 6 weeks time, which is also super exciting but kind of scary too. I plan to have a once a week post while I'm away scheduled so getting that done is gunna be a little trick too, but I'm sure I'll do it!
Not the best pictures today, I'm just getting back into it and because of the time of year my mental health isn't the best which means I don't have much self confidence and so taking photos gets harder; again working on that. But considering all this I'm so motivated and exciting for new things to come, to get back out and take photos and edit again (because it brings me so much happiness) so start sewing and collaging finally and preparing for my trips away which is equal parts scary and exciting.
I'm going to start getting into a habit (because what I do at the moment is doing nothing good for me mentally) of getting up and getting dressed like I would be if I was going out or going to work and then going about my day, rather than just lounging around feeling shitty on days off. That's a start at least!
Also d'you guys like the new hair colour? it was a bold move but everyone seems to love it, I'm still not sure but it's not permanent so I'll see how I feel as time goes on.

Hair colour - Crazy Colours Aubergine
Top and Trousers - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Primark (old)
So I'm super exciting about going away but at the moment I have a massive to do list and I'm stressing a little, though I have 7 weeks to go, should be ok. I am hoping so, and now I have the time to organise it.
It's nice to be back blogging, it's such a bit part of my life now that I feel like something is missing when I'm not doing, it honestly keeps me sane sometimes, gives me something to focus on when i feel lost with everything else I always have my blog . Hope you guys are also glad I'm back and see ya soon I hope.
Thanks for reading!