Hey guys, So I went to see the Marina and the Diamonds on Saturday and honestly it was like one of the happiest nights of my life not going to lie. I've ever seen someone I love's music as much so it was a joy. Marina is perfect and her live show was perfect and my pictures don't do it justice; I will telly you for-why though. Big venues don't let you take in cameras with detachable lenses so I had to take my little camera in which doesn't have a very fast lens and therefore I was struggling with low shutter speeds.
But despite the picture quality not being up to my usual standards I wanted to post these anyway, as I see this blog as a documentation of come cool things I've done and also my photography and this is both of them. I want to be able to look back at these photos and remember, and share them with you guys.
This post is a day late I know! But I do have a reason, due to not promoting my last post as much as I usually do my posts and generally not being very active online the past few days it didn;t have many views and much response, and I really wanted people to tell me what they thought about it because it was a new concept, so i kept it the most recent post for an extra day just to see. And I'm v happy to say the comments were positive so I will be doing more posts on that theme.
Ok so her show was split into three parts, for her three albums: Family Jewels, Electra Heart and Froot. She had a costume change for each and I have to say the outfits got better each time. First there was the red metallic top and skirt; then a pink lycra bodysuit with heart cut-outs and a chiffon cape; then a sparkly bodysuit with chiffon cake and cherry headband. (I have related this to fashion I'm proud).

Honestly I wanted her wardrobe, I don't think it would be very flattering on me but I want it, or at least her designer to design me skin tight awesome outfits.
Also the quick-changes, probably just over a minute and she was out of one and into another; she's magic I swear.
 Part 1 - The Family Jewels

Part 2 - Electra Heart

 Part 3 -Froot
Honestly it was an amazing night, my first gig going alone and also my best gig yet. I loved every minute of it and was even on the verge of tears a couple of times, not going to lie.
And I'm off to see Alt-J on Thursday, don't think I'll enjoy them as much but they should still be pretty damn chill.
Oh also be sure to check back to the blog on Friday as I have a 1 day only give-away running with Bonprix for their advent event, you can see the rest of the giveaways here~
Thanks for reading!