Well I listened to all of Froot today and I quite like it. It hasn't grown on me yet but I love love love immortal. I think it does all sound quite similar but with all of Marina's songs the lyrics are golden so that really what I listen for.
Also sorry I've been gone... I'll probably only be posting about once or twice a week for the next couple of months as my exams have just started and they end in about 3 months time. The work is getting pretty hard and I need to just focus on myself and work, and though I love blogging I dno't have as much time for it as I used to unfortunately. But this summer I plan to go big with things. I'm travelling a lot and I want to start travel blogging a little bit. Photo diaries of summer days and lots of outfits. Just doing a bit ,ore with my blog. And hopefully starting things like youtube (which i know I said I'd  start but I don't really have the time or energy at the moment). But as it's my last year in school before uni I want to make the most of it so I can get into my top choice.
I'm still here though! Just in the background a bit. I'm quite sad I haven't been able to visit other people's blogs that much, I tend to just check instagram so I still see some bits.

 Hat - H&M// Skirt - Dahlia// Jumper - Urban Outfitters// Tights - Henry Holland// Shoes - Kerol D.//
 Fuzzy fuzzy outfit, so comfy. I always find that My photos look better on my laptop than when I'm looking at the on photoshop. I think looking at them on my blog makes the look look completel and I'm usually pleased with how things have gone (or I don't tend to post).
Anyway i hope you're all doing well. I'm definitely going to try and take more photos sometime soon when I have more time. Maybe I'll ask my Dad if we can go to the waterfalls over easter, or maybe I'll go on some little adventures. I kind of wish i'd learnt to drive already so I could go further, but I'll probably go to the museum and take some pictures around city or something.
I'll see you guys sometime soon though! Have a good week!